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What are the Simple ways to gain Free Bitcoin?


People want to buy Bitcoin for but as the price of Bitcoin is high, not everyone can do this But the good thing is that you can earn Bitcoins for free online. Here we will discuss few ways to earn Free Bitcoin.

Getting Bitcoin from Crypto Interest Account

Think of the Money which is lying in your Bank and you get interest on your Deposits. Here also you get Interest on your Bitcoin from the Financial Service Provider.

There are many companies in this sector. You have to send your Bitcoin to your Wallet Service Provider websites and  doing so can earn you Interest .You can earn up to 6% Compound Interest on your Bitcoin Holdings. This makes the offer attractive as with Banks we can’t get such good returns as now a days Interest rate on Bank deposits are going down.

Shop Online and Get Bitcoin as Cash-back

You can install Ebates extension on Google Chrome. They offer Cash-back on your Shopping with thousands of partner websites. When you Browse the website for purchases Ebates will notify you about the offer and discount available with the retailer websites. You can activate the offer by just clicking it. It is so simple .You will paid the cashback amount after the end of each Quarter

One more company Lolli is offering the Cash-back in Bitcoin . When you make purchases on the websites like Macys, CVS or Sephora and many more partner websites, you are offered cash-back ,some of the websites offer up 9% cashback and some of them gives you set amount of Bitcoin as cashback which can be transferred or withdrawn from the account. You can request for Bitcoin in your wallet once your balance reaches $15 and Lolli will send you your free Bitcoin. Earn Bitcoin for free in easy way. They will pay you even more free Bitcoin if you refer your friends

You can also earn Bitcoin in Cash-back with Pei App.

This App offers cash-back in US$,Gift Vouchers or Bitcoin. Only you have connect your Bank Account and bank cards with your Pei account securely via plaid and now when you shop with Pei Stores Partners community which have hundreds of retailers in their community including 7 Eleven and many more top brands,you get paid cashback directly in bank accounts. When you make purchases with your account linked to Pei from the partner shops, you are rewarded cash-back in the form of Pei points, which can be exchanged to Bitcoin.

Earn Bitcoin from Crypto Mining

Crypto mining is just another way for making bitcoin online. But what exactly is crypto minning? Miners are the most essential part of this blockchain. With a use of Hi-tech Machines and Hardware, they solve complex calculations to validate the trade within the blockchain. Miners check the validity of every trade by putting it into complex cryptographic puzzle and giving it to miners to confirm and also come to consensus, on each trade which strikes the blockchain. For this miners are rewarded in the kind of crypto.

Earn Bitcoin by joining an Affiliate Program.

If you have long list of friends and followers following you in social media, you can recommend your buddies and followers to conduct business with companies which rewards you for recommending new clients.when they click on the link recommended by you and do the purchase from the company, you are paid commission for each referral which vary’s from company to company. This is one of the easiest way to earn Bitcoin.

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