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World Bank Warns of Global Recession, Stagflation — ‘This Is the Sharpest Slowdown in 80 Years’

The World Bank warned of a global recession. David Malpass, President of the World Bank, stated that “recession will be difficult to avoid” for many countries. “This is the most severe slowdown in 80-years.” World Bank: Global Recession and Stagflation Tuesday’s warning by the World Bank was about the increasing risk of global recession and stagflation. David Malpass,...Read More

Bank of England’s Andrew Bailey Warns Bitcoin Has No Intrinsic Value, Not a Practical Means of Payment

Andrew Bailey, Bank of England Governor, warned about cryptocurrency and bitcoin on Monday’s Jobs of the Future podcast. After the crypto market plummeted, losing close to $500 billion in value this month, his warning was issued. Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency, has dropped more than 25% in the last 30 days. Bailey admits that blockchain technology...Read More
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