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Nagri- HL


Nagri- HL compliments the evolutionary journey of planted seeds as they make their way from soil to harvest. Used as a pre-planting treatment it conditions seeds for stubborn and steady growth despite the ever present adverse elements.

Nagri- HL is also applicable as a post-emergent foliar spray throughout plants’ growth period.

Bottled in liquid form, Nagri- HL combines humic acid with a proprietary micro nutrient & elements blend, and then further enhanced with extremely potent antioxidants that serve to promote the development of a strong and resilient root system. The latter serve as a fertile ground for a higher rate of nutrient absorption which leads to increased yields and prosperous farming communities.

Nagri- HL Benefits and Features

Just some of the proven facts!
Increases contents of proteins, sugars, vitamins, and other nutritional substances.
Stimulates vigor of growth
Can increase crop yiellds by 20-50% or more!

Increases efficiency of absorption by plants of all necessary mineral substances.

Compatible with most available herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and pesticides.

Promotes the development of powerful root system.

Builds up immune system in plants to fight natural diseases and prolongs shelf life in crops.

Increases stability of plants to droughts.

Decreases acidity.

Improves soil structure.

Stimulates vigor of growth
Can decrease use of fertilizers by up to 25% (Results may vary. Individual tests are required)
Stimulates development of most soil microorganism, which effectively promote recover of humus in soils.

Can bind products of anthropogenic pollution (compounds of mercury, lead, pesticides, etc.)
Can prevent absorption of contaminated soil products by plants and can deliver ecologically pure crops.

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