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How it works

NagriTech: About the Platform


NagriTech is an agricultural company unrelated to either blockchain or fintech, they only released a token (NagriCoin) to represent the company’s revenue and potential.

Investors therefore have a blockchain asset that is tied to a real-world business which is a rare strategy at this stage of blockchain technology business.

The company developed a plant nutrient formula that stimulates the plant growth and at the same time lowers the levels of harmful elements in soil.

The target market for NagriTech’s proprietary plant nutrient are agricultural countries in Africa and other emerging markets. The research and thorough testing went on for 7 years and costed 5 MM USD.

At this point, NagriTech is a startup that is not yet profitable.

How it work?

1-Dilute your NAgriTech product with water.

2-Use resulting solution to treat your seeds, saplings, tubers, etc.

3-Perform a Foliar Application.

4-Harvest the Crops, Measure the Gains, & Reap the Benefits!

We Can Help You Build Sustainable and Profitable Tomorrow!

Lets Talk!

We begin by discussing your needs, crops, soil conditions, and other factors to help fine tune the best product combination for you! NAgritech products work well in conjunction with most other fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and insecticides.

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Step by Step

Once your product arrives, be sure to follow directions carefully. Generally, it’s as easy as mixing the product with water to create a solution. The latter is then used for seed treatment or foliar applications. For detailed directions in your region please contact your local authorized distributor.

Share Your Results

We always recommend leaving a small area untreated. This way you can compare the results and be wow’d by the gains! Harvest your crops, reap the benefits, and be sure to share your results. We love to hear success stories!!!

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