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Nagritech Product Line
Providing Organic & Sustainable Approach to Farming


AgronoMax is a tried and true agent for the most adverse of weather conditions. It is ideal for the geographic regions afflicted by unstable climate and nearly unproductive soil. Packed into a tablet with highly potent nutrient blend of humic acid, phosphate and soluble potash, it offers a strong support system for the developing root complex.
AgronoMax is renowned as a proven medium for increased yield, with numerous farmers reporting as much as 100% improvement in crop production. Offering nourishing reinforcement throughout plant’s life cycle, it is easily applicable in pre-emergent stages, as well as continually during the growth stage. This product requires very little to no modification to any existing farming multiplex.


GreenaMax is a versatile nutrient blend that has a proven track record of working against the odds, navigating easily through inclement weather and frequently alternating soil conditions. It is packaged with scientific precision into pharmaceutical grade water-soluble sugar globules to offer consistent and nutrient rich food-grade yield.
Tested in diverse climates all over the globe, GreenaMax has passed numerous field trials to solidify its undisputed reputation of high adaptability. Packed with phosphorus and copper sulfate, it’s a formidable agent for farming prosperity from germinating radicle to ripe crop. GreenaMax is strong enough to aid succesful growth cycle on its own while offering flexibility and cost-effectiveness as supporting actor for a multitude of control agents.

Nagri HL

Nagri- HL compliments the evolutionary journey of planted seeds as they make their way from soil to harvest. Used as a pre-planting treatment it conditions seeds for stubborn and steady growth despite the ever present adverse elements.
Nagri- HL is also applicable as a post-emergent foliar spray throughout plants’ growth period.
Bottled in liquid form, Nagri- HL combines humic acid with a proprietary micro nutrient & elements blend, and then further enhanced with extremely potent antioxidants that serve to promote the development of a strong and resilient root system. The latter serve as a fertile ground for a higher rate of nutrient absorption which leads to increased yields and prosperous farming communities.

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