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Bitcoin Profit Review 2020 – Scam or legit? Complete Analysis

Welcome to this updated of Bitcoin profit review 2020. I’ll be walking you through the software to find out if Bitcoin profit is a scam or legit.

You might have come to know about the Bitcoin Profit after seeing a Facebook ad claiming it made people rich and has a success rate of more than 92%. You may have also heard that it was featured on shows such as This Morning and Shark Tank

There are many software applications, trading robots on the internet that claim to increase your chances of a successful and profitable trade.

Bitcoin profit is a new cryptocurrency investment tool for traders to increase their earnings while reducing risk to the minimum. Buying and selling are done automatically without the need to input human research and effort.

The Bitcoin Profit, popularly known as bitcoin robot discovers market trends using a complex algorithm. With the help of these auto trading robots for cryptocurrency, you can earn profit from the market even if you are a beginner having no trading skills.

Bitcoin profit financial operations are reliable and user friendly so in this article, we will do in-depth research of the crypto trading software.


Trading has always been lucrative. The increasing awareness of earning potentials from cryptocurrency made many people select this option as an investment for becoming financially independent so many people are now interested in making money online from trading cryptocurrencies. There are many software applications, trading robots on the internet that claim to increase your profit with higher returns, but not all of them stand the test.

Bitcoin Profit robot claims to attain the highest success rate of up to 92% among all the other robots available in the crypto market. Some people also doubt its authenticity and think this as Scam. Read on full to know more about the authenticity, performance, success rate for this automated robot and whether or not you should invest in it.

 The Findings of Test

  • We tested the software and found it to be legitimate and reliable.
  • Attains highest success rate of up to 92%
  • The trading robot operates according to industry regulations and digital SSL standards.
  • Start with a minimum amount of $ 250 and see your money grow.

What is Bitcoin Profit

Bitcoin profit is an internet-based trading application created by John Mayers intended to decrease the dangers inherent in crypto trading, prevent losses and boost your probability of making a profit. Bitcoin profit doesn’t need any knowledge or expertise from currency trading. So if you’re a beginner or a professional in crypto trading, you’ll discover Bitcoin profit is reliable, simple to use and its users are making daily profits by trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The software does the buying and selling procedures automatically and makes the best possible deals in order to give profits to the user as it is 0.01 seconds faster than the average market. It’s web-based so there’s absolutely no requirement for downloads and time-consuming installation.

Bitcoin Profit

How does it work

It monitors and identifies the market trend, observes price changes and fluctuations and project, profitable trading opportunities. You don’t have to sit by your computer for endless hours. Trades are executed automatically with the selected brokers on their platform and the Best part is that the users are given the trading signal for free as mentioned on their website.

How Does Bitcoin Profit Works

With a few simple steps, you are ready to go

Follow these simple steps to Register, and learn how to earn with your Bitcoin Profit.

  1. Registration of Account 


To get started with Bitcoin Profit, you have to fill out the registration form with required information like first and last names, valid e-mail address, and phone number. We advise you to keep your password strong and unique.

Click on Submit and your account gets created.

Once your account is created, a broker is assigned for your buying and selling of cryptocurrency and now you’ll be redirected to the Bitcoin profit trading room.

Next step is to transfer the funds you want to trade with, to your broker’s account.

  1. Depositing the Funds


Click on the Deposit button under Current Brokers section.

You will notice a pop up that will take you to the broker’s website.

Hereafter entering amount and details press submit.

The minimum amount to start trade is $ 250.

You can choose payment methods that are supported by merchant which includes Pay Skrill, safe pay, GiroPay, etc.

Payment is also accepted from credit or debit card affiliated with maestro, Visa or MasterCard.

  1. Demo Trading Account 

You can access the demo account for experiencing the working of the robot and also this feature will make you familiar with the system and for this, no real money is required.

You are given $ 1500 virtual money for test trading.

A beginner or professional trader can experience the working of Bitcoin Robot either before or after the initial deposit. Click on the demo mode to an initiate tour.

Just click on auto-trade ‘ON’, and the software will start trading the pairs automatically.

  1. Live Trading Account

After experiencing the Demo trading of Bitcoin profit platform, you can now move on to live trading, just click on ‘Auto Trade’ on the dashboard screen to activate live trading.

Don’t forget to set the stop loss limit as this help to restrict the loss in the event of sudden downfall in the market.

We here get different pair options to trade in Bitcoin profit which includes BTC/USD, ETH/USD, XRP/USD, LTC/USD and Crypto/Crypto.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin are supported on the Bitcoin Profit platform.

It was really interesting to see how the robots were performing and earning you the profits while we can relax and see our money grow.

To Start, just Enter the amount you want to trade with also set the stop loss and profit you want to take. This is all and you are ready for trading.

 Bitcoin wallet not Required 

Adding to the convenience of the users, Bitcoin Profit does not require Bitcoin wallet for live trading. You can directly deposit funds for trading and withdraw profit in your bank account. No need for a wallet. Easy, Fast and Secure.

Bitcoin Profit Main Features:


Account opening on Bitcoin profit is Free and the process is fast and easy. You need to fill your basic details like name, e-mail and contact number and in no time your account is opened.


The payout system on Bitcoin Profit is very user friendly and transparent. In our test, we found No hidden charges or fees on the platform. You can request withdrawal of your funds anytime and it is transferred to your bank account. The System is Easy, Fast and Secure. Some of the traders are earning and withdrawing cash around $1300 daily. The Payout system works very smoothly.

 Verification System

The verification system is an important feature; it verifies details such as the user’s email, and phone number to make sure details furnished by you are valid and the information will be used for making your account secure. The verification system worked smoothly in our test.

 Withdrawal and Deposits

You can request withdrawals on Bitcoin Profit anytime 24/7. The system is fast and secure and requests placed are processed within 24-hours. This feature makes Bitcoin Profit special as some platform takes almost 10 days to clear the withdrawal request.


The Bitcoin Profit trading system has no hidden Charges, only 1% is charged as a commission on the profit you make. The system is transparent and there are no charges for opening a Bitcoin Profit account and make withdrawals.

 User Reviews

This part contains the experience of the users with bitcoin profit. Some of them have shared their experience telling how bitcoin profit has changed their life and is helping them in earning good profits even without prior knowledge of trading. Below are a few snapshots from the website.

Customer Support

Customer Support is very important in any kind of trade. Bitcoin Profit operates customer support platform 24/7. When we contacted the customer support we found them to be very helpful and knowledgeable. Although the system was working seamlessly fine we only contacted them for reviewing purpose.


Your funds are secured with Bitcoin Profit as it takes the services of experienced and professional brokers whose job is to takes care of the system and ensure that the robots are making profits for users.

Bitcoin Profit vs Other Robots

The trading platform is user friendly for both beginners and professional. Others robot trading platform is not considered user friendly rather they are complex for the beginners
Easy and Fast registration Process just takes a minute to open an account with simple and short form Other Robots have lengthy process asking for detailed information and documents.
Bitcoin Profit has a success rate of around 92% which makes it a popular platform for trading Other Robots are not consistent and their return

Graph imitates roller coaster which is very risky

Bitcoin profit has a very transparent business model with no hidden cost. Other Robot Platforms have hidden fees which are very high. No Transparency.
Payouts are very fast and processed within 24 Hours Other Robots payout Processing takes a long time, sometimes as long as 10 days.
Bitcoin Profit only Requires $ 250 from users to start the trade. Other Robots demands higher amount of funds which new users are not comfortable with.
Bitcoin Profit works with Professional, experienced, regulated and reliable online brokers to trade.


Some platforms are promoted through unreliable brokers, putting users funds on risk by investing them on the platforms supported by such broker.


Guide to Earn More with Bitcoin Profit

From the detailed analysis and testing of Bitcoin Profit software and our years of experience in this field, we believe that the system can be trusted and it can generate profits for new as well as experienced traders with very little effort and time.

We would like to recommend a few important points to keep in your mind while trading. This will help you to earn more from this tool.

  • Start with the minimum amount. Until you get familiar with the system and markets it is                      recommended to start slowly and invest the minimum amount of $ 250 that is required to start the trade.
  • Take home your earnings. Always remember to take some amount from your profit back home and the left amount can be reinvested to gain some more profit. This way you can plan your income.
  • Learn more to earn more. Try to learn more about Bitcoin Profit from the Internet by reading blogs and watching videos on Youtube. This information will help you in setting your stop loss range for more earning opportunities in the market.
  • Trade cautiously. Always invest in the market carefully and invest the amount wisely as the markets are volatile there is always a small risk involved in the trading. So invest the amount with strict stop loss and book your profits regularly. Don’t leverage your positions.

What makes Bitcoin Profit the best choice for trading.

People can get easily confused with so much choice available in the cryptocurrency market for auto trading robots. All of them claim to be the best. From the detailed analysis and testing of Bitcoin Profit and our years of experience, we can say that this not a scam.

Many features make Bitcoin profit the first choice among the top automated platforms for trading Bitcoin. Here are our top few benefits of using Bitcoin Profit

  • Easy and Fast User-Interface. Bitcoin Profit is simple and easy to use. Registration is fast and simple. The software works very smoothly using a complex algorithm giving user ultimate experience. It is designed in a way that even new users can use this software without training.
  • Bitcoin Profit Huge Success rate. The Software provides the high success rate of 92% which is good as compared to other trading platforms. The software is designed by the professional team with years of experience to perform and earn profits for its users. A special feature of software splits $ 250 into 10 small trade of $25 to increase the earning potentials of the user.
  • Demo account. Feature of a demo account is added in the software for the benefit of new users to get familiar with the software and its functions. User interface and functions are the same as it is for live trading. You are also given virtual money to trade and experience the working of robots before going for live trading. bitcoin profit also provides tutorials and tips on trading in their educational section for free.
  • 24/7 Customer Helpline. This is a very important feature and when we tested it we found that response was quick and people there were very helpful and knowledgeable. You can contact them anytime 24/7 in case you need from your dashboard screen, on the homepage via live chat.

Media coverage on Bitcoin Profit| True or Rumor

There is a lot of news going in the internet world about the association of Automatic trading platform like Bitcoin profit, Bitcoin Revolution with the popular TV shows and Celebrities endorsing the software. We researched for authenticity of the news and here’s what we found

TV Shows

Dragons Den.

We found this to be a Rumor. This show has no association with the Bitcoin Profit.

Shark Tank

Popular TV show Shark Tank has also been linked to the Bitcoin profit in the internet world but that too is not true. We found it to be a rumor.

Celebrity Endorsements

Some celebrities are also said to be associated with Bitcoin Profit. Let’s check the reality.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates has never invested or endorsed Bitcoin profit. The news of his association was found to be false and only Rumor.

Sir Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson association with Bitcoin Profit was also not found to be true. This too was found to be a Rumor.

Chamath Palihapitiya

Chamath Palihapitiya does have some investments in Bitcoin as part of his smart investment but no proof of endorsement of Bitcoin profit was found. This too was a Rumor.

Gordon Ramsay

British billionaire Gordon Ramsey connection with Bitcoin profit could also not be established. This too was a Rumor.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is a well-known face and is known for taking a risk in business and investments. He was said to be connected with Bitcoin profit but we in our investigation couldn’t find any link. This was found to be a Rumor

We believe that one should verify the news and its source as wrong information can create confusion among investors. It’s always better to visit a reliable source or official website for true information. We here analyse and test the information, claimed by the company, do in-depth research to help you make an informed decision for a better investment.

Is Mobile App available for Bitcoin profit?

No, the platform could only be accessed through browsers on desktop, laptop or mobile phones as there is no Mobile App available for Bitcoin Profit at the moment.

Conclusion: Bitcoin Profit Review 

The increasing awareness of earning potentials from cryptocurrency made many people select this option as an investment for becoming financially independent. So, many people are now interested in making money online from trading cryptocurrencies.

Trading is not easy and filled with challenges you need to select the right option which can help you in earning profits. After in-depth analysis and research of Bitcoin profit, we can say with confidence that this software is legit and one of the best platform to trade Bitcoins and earn profits with little effort even if you are a new user without any experience.

New users are advised to start with the small investment of $ 250 as the markets are volatile and then gradually increase, as you become familiar with the working of robot. This will help you in earning more profits. In our test, we found this software works excellently and has a transparent model with no hidden charges. We recommend this software to reduce your risks and increase your chances of successful trades.

Good luck with your trading.


Is it Profitable to Invest in Bitcoin Profit?

Bitcoin Profit claims to have a success rate of more than 92%. Many users are enjoying daily profit with this tool.

What is Bitcoin Profit?

Bitcoin profit is an internet-based trading application created by John Mayers intended to decrease the dangers inherent in crypto trading, prevent losses and boost your probability of making a profit.

Are celebrities involved in the endorsement of Bitcoin Profit?

No Celebrity was found to be directly associated with Bitcoin Profit in our research.

Do I need a wallet to trade on Bitcoin Profit?

No wallet is required to trade with Bitcoin Profit. Having a local bank account is enough.

Can I withdraw Bitcoin from my account?

No, you can’t get Bitcoin because Bitcoin profit does not have a crypto wallet on the platform. Your profits are directly transferred to your local bank account.

What is the minimum investment in Bitcoin Profit?

This Software allows you to start your trade and earn profit with a small amount of $ 250 only.

Is it possible to earn profit from trading without experience?

Yes, it is possible. This software is designed to prevent losses and boost your probability of making a profit. The software does the buying and selling procedures automatically and makes the best possible deals in order to give profits.

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