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The Opendao Gives Xmas Airdrop to Opensea Users

Opensea users received a Christmas gift from a new DAO. This was an airdrop that the organization launched to thank the market and express its gratitude. Opendao launched Christmas Day. It airdropped 50% off its total supply to all users who have traded NFTs or transacted on the Opensea Marketplace since day one. This snapshot was taken December 23.

According to the organization, 20% of its total issuance will go towards compensating victims of Opensea scams with SOS tokens of the DAO and supporting emerging artists and their original works.

After initial concerns about authorizing an unknown contract with control over users’ Ethereum wallets and subsequent concern, reports from social media indicate that heavy Opensea users received airdrops worth thousands of dollars in SOS. More than 240K people have claimed the SOS airdrop at the time of writing. The token is also listed on Kucoin and Oxex centralized exchanges.

A new way to airdrop

Opendao’s airdrop has a unique dynamic that is unlike any other. Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian praised the organization of this airdrop. He stated

OK – before all the VC thinkpieces begin …. these Airdrops (like $ENS prior it) flip script about how EVERYONE will value time + spend online u’re finally rewarded for using. It brings the incentives I love as a founder/investor to the COMMUNITY that makes this all work.

He explained that the blockchain is a public record and many parties can organise these airdrops. In the future, spam will crowd people’s wallets. He did however mention that there will be many great projects.

SOS’s price has seen a notable rise since its launch. According to price data from Coingecko the coin’s price went up from $0.00000140 to $0.00001108 when it was launched. Since then, it has retraced back to a intermediate price of $0.00000650.

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