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Wall Street could get four Bitcoin futures ETFs by month-end

After waiting for years for a U.S. Bitcoin Exchange Trade Fund, the cryptocurrency community might finally receive four products within weeks. The Securities and Exchange Commission will once again have to approve, deny, or delay an assortment of exchange-traded fund applications based on the largest virtual currency. They all follow a format suggested by Gary Gensler, SEC Chair, that...Read More

Chamath Palihapitiya reveals he’s put hundreds of millions into bitcoin – and says cryptocurrencies are hard to kill

Chamath Palihapitiya, who has invested hundreds and millions in Bitcoin, said Wednesday that it was difficult to ban all cryptocurrencies. When asked by a billionaire investor what he thought of Gary Gensler, SEC Chair, stating that the crypto market was ‘rife in fraud’ and Ray Dalio claiming that regulators would attempt to ‘kill’ Bitcoin if it is really successful. Palihapitiya...Read More

Venezuela, An Oil-Rich Nation, Is Becoming A Hub Of Bitcoin Mining. Find Out Why?

You can earn Bitcoin in two ways. You can buy it with fiat money via an online exchange or you can mine it. It is a complex process. Miners solve complex mathematical equations to verify each cryptocurrency transaction and as a reward for their successful effort, earn crypto coins. This requires heavy computers and other equipment, and requires a lot of...Read More
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