The News Spy Review

There’s so much money to make from trading cryptocurrencies; it will be unfair if people who do not have the training or skill are left out of this ‘loot’ others are making on the market. This is one of the reasons why the developers of the News Spy gave for creating the software.

We think it is a brilliant move, having software that can handle everything about trading cryptocurrencies is going to be helpful. However, like all tools made available to the public, it is important to test and review the News Spy to know if it can really give every user an advantage in the market.

Much of our work has already been done by the current users of the News Spy who are having a great time increasing their passive income with the software. However, it is best that a team of professionals such as ours analyses the News Spy and present the actual verdict.

Conclusion: We have tested the platform and believe it is 100% legit!

The best choice ☑ The News Spy is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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Is The News Spy Legit? Yes

We have extensively analysed the News Spy software for trading cryptocurrencies, and this is our official review. We focused our tests on the main features of the software to ascertain that the expected gains of users who sign up and create accounts are achievable. Thankfully, we can state that the News Spy is excellent software, and it passed our tests.

First, let’s start with an overview to give you a clear idea of what it is all about.

The News Spy is an automated trading tool that can give users leverage to earn high profits. It works with intelligent robots that can extensively analyse the market signals, trends, and prices to determine the best times to buy or sell cryptocurrency. The program is easy to use and allows people from all over the world to register and start earning more passive incomes from their global locations.

We have tested the News Spy, and it is as good as it sounds.

At the end of our tests, it was easy to conclude that the News Spy is a legit platform for trading cryptocurrency. We made this conclusion after testing the system with real money, and we made a profit. Everything about the processes was smooth and without a hitch. News Spy will be helpful to everyone interested in earning profit from trading activities in the cryptocurrency market regardless of their skill level in this field.

The program is also backed by a support team who are always available to help users who may need some assistance. Not only have we confirmed that the News Spy is legit, all transactions on the platform are secured by top-grade online security software to prevent unauthorised access, we checked this out and were impressed with our discoveries.

Our focus on the core areas of this software was necessary because of claims online that insinuate the News Spy may be another scam because there are so many developers claiming their software is the best, but cause people to lose money. There is some scepticism about automated trading software, but that’s why we are here to test and publish our findings.

The best choice ☑ The News Spy is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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Is The News Spy Scam or Not: The Verdict!

Here’s a summary of our discoveries after testing the News Spy platform;

  • The automated trading feature of this software works excellently; it allows users to set a stop-loss margin to minimise risks while leveraging essential market signals to make a profit.
  • All users can easily start trading with the software because it is user-friendly and has features that are easy to navigate, the website is responsive, and users can monitor trades on mobile phones or laptops.
  • We confirmed that News Spy has a high win rate for all users regardless of the deposit that has been made.
  • Unlimited withdrawals for all users who can initiate this process 24/7, withdrawals are processed within 24-hours.
  • You can find more information to get started by clicking this link.

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What is The News Spy?

Previously, you would need to get some formal training to understand the markets and trade cryptocurrency with profits. Now, with software such as News Spy, everyone can benefit from the high yielding cryptocurrency market even when they do not know about trading. News Spy does all the work.

It is an online program that draws data from the internet, foreign markets, financial index, and global news. The intelligent robots process this data and generate results which are interpreted by expert brokers linked with user accounts. Once this information is confirmed to be accurate and potentially profitable, trades are authorised, and you earn as a user.

We think it is brilliant, my team and I had previously read about this process, and we were excited to test the software. We also noticed that the News Spy program has an unbelievable fast processing capability; if you know anything about cryptocurrency trading, fast processing is a huge advantage for all traders.

Our tests confirm that trades and processes on the News Spy are remarkably faster than manual trading processes. However, every new user must consider the volatile nature of the market and trade with care. It is advisable to only invest from your disposable income and start with the minimum deposit. In this case, News Spy allows users to start with deposits as low as $250.

Our findings during this review give us the confidence to recommend News Spy to everyone who wants to start growing a passive income in addition to their full-time job.

The best choice ☑ The News Spy is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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How was News Spy created?

We thought you would like to know the genius behind the News Spy. The program was created and developed by John Mayers, whose activities in the cryptocurrency industry have earned him a wonderful reputation. He sought to develop a versatile and effective platform to allow everyone to start trading cryptocurrency and earning like the top shot brokers in the industry.

How the News Spy works

We have been able to confirm that News Spy offers all users the same advantages as other excellent auto-trading software such as the Bitcoin Revolution and Bitcoin Loophole. The software analyses the market and detects trading signals that indicate a rise or drop in the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. When this is done, proposed trade actions are confirmed and done on behalf of the user. It should be noted that a user can set trade limits to reduce market risks. Trade limits restrict the extent to which the software can trade your investment.

It is free to create a News Spy account; we also confirmed there are no hidden charges. After you make a profit, the system takes a fixed commission based on your profit. We think this is very fair; you only pay the commission after earning.

Creating a News Spy account

To ensure that we do a complete review of the News Spy, it was necessary to open a new account. The process was quick and easy; our account was ready in a few minutes.

Step 1: Registration

On the homepage, we clicked the tab to open the registration form. To proceed, we needed to enter information such as full name, phone number, and an active email address. After this was done, we had to create a password to secure our account. All this was done for free; News Spy is free automated trading software.

Step 2: Making a Deposit

After creating our account and all verifications were done, we needed to make a deposit. For this review, we decided to make the minimum deposit of $250, to test the features of this trading platform.

We were delighted to find many payment options on the platform. Users can make deposits with MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, and other methods. This is important because users from all over the world can have access to the software with global payment options.

Our deposit was quickly made, and the account credited promptly.

Step 3: Demo trading

Before we started a live trade, my team tested the demo feature. This is a simulation of the actual trading process on News Spy, but without the use of real money. The demo feature for News Spy is excellent; we had a good experience and learned more about how the News Spy automated trading system works.

Step 4: Trading Process

Before activating the automated trading feature, we set our stop-loss limits to reduce the market risks. We also selected our preferred currency pairs for trading. Activating the auto-trading feature was done with a simple click on the “Trade” tab.

Note: We advise every user to try the demo feature first before initiating live trade. It is free, and you can get a better understanding of how the system works without using real money. Check it out on this link.

The best choice ☑ The News Spy is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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Important Features of The News Spy

Payout system

The payout system is fantastic; we think it is one of the best developed for trading software. Every user can make as much as $1,500 every day, depending on the amount deposited. We had earlier made a deposit of $250 to test the system, after a live trade session, we earned $135, which was credited to our account. Calculating the rates, we confirm that News Spy has a high win rate. Our earnings will increase as we make a higher deposit.

Verification System

The verification system on News Spy followed standard protocols. We closely monitored the process, our email and phone number was confirmed. The allowed a secure authentication system to stop us from depositing error.

Withdrawal and Deposits

We were impressed with the deposit and withdrawal process on this platform. Our new account was credited a few minutes after making a deposit. When we earned a profit on the $250 we deposited, it was time to test the withdrawal process. Unlike other platforms we have tried, our withdrawal process was completed in less than 24-hours. We think this is convenient and encouraging.


Many comments online sought to know the charges for transactions on News Spy. After our tests, we can confirm that there are no hidden charges on this system. The developers of News Spy have created a transparent system that allows users to see all the activity on their account.

User Testimonials

We were happy to use this feature. After using the software, there is a segment where users can write their experiences with the software.

Customer Service

We know how tricky customer service systems can be, so we tested this feature. After sending a prompt, we got a quick response from a staff that had quick answers to our questions. We can say that the customer support system on this platform is excellent.


The brokers affiliated with the system, are vetted and trusted. We found out there are brokers from all over the world, who can support users in their location. The brokers ensure the automated trading features are performing accurately.

The News Spy Versus other Robots

ATFX Other forex brokers
✅ Transparent account creation, deposit and withdrawal process, no hidden fees for all transactions. ❌ Other automated trading platforms don’t give users access to their rates for different services
✅  Transactions comply with FCA standards which promote low leverage. ❌ The high leverage on other platforms puts new users at a disadvantage because of the higher risks.
✅ Trade support for users at all levels. ❌ New users have no support and can make decisions that cause losses.
✅  24/7 global customer support system. ❌ Many platforms fail to provide customer support, putting all users at risk.
✅ Excellent reputation, confirmed by testimonials from real users. ❌ There’s hardly a way to review the offers and claims to on other trading platforms.

Why should you use News Spy?

My team is made up of some of the best software engineers, so it means a lot that we were impressed with the News Spy system. It is in the class of other excellent software such as the Crypto Revolt and Bitcoin Code. Here are some reasons you should consider using this software, as deduced from our review;

  • Everyone can use News Spy. The developers have made it easy for all users to register and start using News Spy by making the platform responsive and available globally. All you need is a smartphone or laptop to access the platform online. Now more people can start earning from cryptocurrency markets and leveraging the best currency pairs to make more profit. The developers saw a need to create a platform that can be used by everyone without first paying much money for a formal cryptocurrency trading class.
  • High win rate. We tested the News Spy automated trading platform and discovered it has an estimated win rate of 88%. This is impressive; it means all users stand a high chance of earning much more as passive income. The win rate means trades outcomes are not based on luck but extensive market analysis.
  • Demo account feature. You know it is good when there is a demo account. We enjoy reviewing automated trading software; however, it is important that all platforms create a demo account which helps users understand how automated cryptocurrency trading works before making a live trade.
  • 24/7 Customer support.  We tested the customer support system and got a fast response. This is helpful when you need quick answers regarding trades or other features of the News Spy platform. We were impressed with the quick response and efficiency of the staff handling our queries.
The best choice ☑ The News Spy is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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How Much in Earnings is Possible with News Spy?

A quick answer to this question is this- you can make much money to grow your passive income portfolio consistently. Here’s the thing, higher deposits increase your chances of earning more on the platform. However, it is best to start with the minimum deposit of $250 and start earning before investing more. Averagely, current users of the software have earned as high as $1,500 a day from automated trades. The system lowers the risks in cryptocurrency trading regarding the volatile market.

After testing this trading platform, we decided to write some smart tips for all users;

  1.  Start with the minimum investment. It is best that you start with a deposit of $250 when you start trading live. This approach gives you a chance to study the system and understand how News Spy automated trading works. Over time, you can increase your deposit to earn more.
  2. Always withdraw your profit. It is a great idea to withdraw your profit and reinvest the capital. This is how you can grow your passive income over time.
  3.  Keep learning about cryptocurrency trading.  I know the system does all the work for you, but it is a great idea to know more about the market. You can find important information to select better currency pairs and earn more money. There’s so much information online and videos you can watch to learn more.
  4.  Invest your disposable income. Your disposable income is what you have left after handling essential bills and financial commitments. It is money you can use to grow your passive income instead of throwing parties. Investing is always a great idea. You should stay within safety limits by investing only what you can afford to lose.

We have created a list of other excellent automated trading robots that can help you earn massive profits.

Is there a Mobile App for News-Spy?

Currently, we know there is no mobile app for News Spy, you won’t find it on your mobile App store, we already checked. However, we did confirm that the website is always available on mobile browsers through your smartphone, or you can use a laptop.

The News Spy Review: Our Conclusions

At the end of this review, we are happy with the discoveries we have made and the outstanding opportunities created by the News Spy software. Everyone can create an account and start earning. It is a safe online platform, and the fast processes give all users an edge in the cryptocurrency market. We plan to keep our new account and continue trading to earn more profit.

The News Spy software significantly increases every user’s chances of earning from Bitcoin trades; it is much better, intelligent, and faster than attempting a manual trade. The high win rate is also a great feature that increases the chances of all users to earn much profit.

We found out that the management team of this maintaining the News Spy platform include highly trained software engineers and web analysts. This means the system is here to stay with such a team working tirelessly to ensure every there are no downtimes on the platform.

News Spy has a uniquely designed user interface that is responsive and adaptable to different devices and computers. The process of creating an account is smooth and fast. Also, all transactions and user information are protected from unauthorised access. The intelligent robots can extensively analyse market signals non-stop, 24/7, this gives all users an excellent advantage in the cryptocurrency market.

The best choice ☑ The News Spy is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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  • Will I make money trading with the News Spy?

We can confirm that you stand a very high chance of making money every day by using this trading software. We have tested all its features, and my team made a live trade which was very successful. Averagely, you can earn as high as $1,500 daily.

  • Are there a specific number of available openings for account creation on News Spy platform?

We didn’t confirm the limit, but there are no restrictions to creating an account at the time we checked.

  • Is News Spy platform for affiliate marketing?

No, it isn’t, News Spy is an automated trading platform for cryptocurrency. All its features are designed for trading cryptocurrency pairs against regular currencies such as the USD.

  • How long will I have to use the tool daily to make a profit?

Not very long, in our case, we initiated a live trade in less than fifteen minutes, and the system did all the work after that.

  • How much is required to create an account?

It is free; you will not need to pay any money to create your News Spy account.

  • How fast is the withdrawal process?

We tested this feature, and it is impressive, the withdrawal process for any value is completed in less than 24-hours.

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Bitcoin Future Review

This is our report for Bitcoin Future. It is an automated trading platform for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other coins. We have tested all the features of Bitcoin Future, and our results are impressive. Bitcoin Future offers users a chance to invest and gain a profit daily from the cryptocurrency market. It is an ‘easy to use’ trading platform that has a high success score. This means all users can gain a profit on the platform after every trading session.

We needed to test Bitcoin Future and ensure that the platform delivers all its promises. Many investors are new to automated trading platforms for cryptocurrencies, and it can be difficult to know which websites really work because they are so many. We have made it easier to choose the best platform; we test automated trading robots and present our report on our experience to guide the public.

Conclusion: We have tested the platform and believe it is 100% legit!

The best choice ☑ Bitcoin Future is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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Is Bitcoin Future Legit? YES, it is!

For this test, our focus was on assessing the responsiveness of the trading platform, evaluating the success score of the system and determining how reliable the trading robots are, we have had a good experience during this review and my team is happy that we can once again reveal another trading platform for cryptocurrencies that everyone can use and gain a profit daily.

Not too long ago Bitcoin made the headlines with a record high value of $20,000; this was in 2017, many traders earned so much profit at this time, since then there have been market changes and different trends, but the profits have continued to come in for traders. So many people are using cryptocurrencies, this means they are buying and selling stuff online with the coins. The thriving businesses and exchange of goods and services for cryptocurrencies has stabilised a consistent source of income for cryptocurrency traders all over the world. On Bitcoin Future, the story has been even more amazing. Mark K. from Manchester, who is a Bitcoin Future account holder, earned $10,000 in less than two months, we also know about another smart trader named Jennifer A. from London who has earned $7,000 in less than a week. It is amazing, we are happy that the system works, we have tested Bitcoin Future, so everyone can invest and start earning.

Is Bitcoin Future Reliable or a Scam? The Verdict!

After our experience with Bitcoin Future, we can confidently say that it is not a scam, far from it; we opened an account and made a live trade, guess what? We earned a profit.

After earning, we tested the withdrawal process and had our request for withdrawal passed in less than 24-hours, we got the funds. There is no proof better than actually testing the system and having an experience.

Here is a summary of our findings during this review:

  • Our analytical tools reveal that Bitcoin Future has a high success score of 94.5%.
  • Bitcoin Future is legit; it is easy to open an account and start trading in a few minutes, the platform is secured with the best online security.
  • The minimum deposit required to start a live trade on the platform is $250.
  • To sign up and start earning a profit daily, click on this link.

Open demo account

What is Bitcoin Future?

Bitcoin Future is an automated platform for trading cryptocurrency. The system is run by trading robots that are programmed to monitor the market trends and detect potentially profitable market signals, which can result in huge profits for the account holder. Bitcoin Future is one of the best systems out there, from our experience. It is easy to get started and earn much money that can contribute to your passive income portfolio. The best part is that you don’t have to do much. The robots perform trades automatically for all users, after making a deposit, all the user needs to do is to click on a tab that activates the live trade feature, and the robots begin to work.

Bitcoin Future offers all cryptocurrency traders and interested investors a chance to avoid all the stress of spending long hours to monitor the market trends manually. There is so much data to analyse, manual trading is quite tough, and only trained experts can benefit. Now, with Bitcoin Future, everyone can invest and earn from trading cryptocurrencies.

The best choice ☑ Bitcoin Future is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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How does it work?

It is really easy; we had an impressive experience. To get started, an investor must open a new Bitcoin Future account and make a deposit. Next, at any time they wish to earn a profit, the live trade feature can be activated, and the trading robots do all the work. Users can sit back and watch the system make a profit for them. At the end of a trading session, the user shuts down the system until they are ready to start the next trading session. We think it is a good idea to shut down trading sessions daily because of the market volatility, leaving the trading to go on all day and night may pose some risks.

It is a perfect idea for busy people who need to grow a passive income to support their daily jobs. The entire process of using Bitcoin Future requires less than twenty minutes daily. This short period is used to activate and stop live trading sessions. You can activate the system for live trades and leave to do other things while the trading robots do their work.

To get started, users can make a deposit within the range specified on the system. We think it is a great idea that the developers set the minimum deposit limit at $250, while the maximum deposit that can be made daily is $15,000.

Step by Step Guide to Opening a New Bitcoin Future Account

We have divided the process of opening a new account on Bitcoin Future into four simple steps. We wrote this guide from our experience.

Step One: Trading Account Registration

Bitcoin Future registration page can be accessed online from your browser on a smartphone or laptop; we tested this to ascertain that it works; we opened the account registration page on smartphones. To get started, the details on the registration page must be provided.

We think it is a good idea that the system only requires full names, email and a phone number to open a new account on Bitcoin Future, other auto trading sites require much more information, and this makes the registration process hectic. After opening a new account by submitting the form and receiving a confirmation from the system, our new account was linked to a broker affiliated with the system.

Step Two: Making a Deposit

Next, we had to make a deposit to test the live trading feature on Bitcoin Future. We found multiple payment options on the platform, which makes it easy for users from all over the world to get Bitcoin Future accounts and start earning. We saw payment options such as Visa, MasterCard, MasterCard, and other options. We decided to use the Visa option to make our first deposit.

The analysts in my team had earlier assessed the security on the platform. We found out that Bitcoin Future is SSL secured; this means data and communication on the platform are encrypted. We were impressed with this setting because online security is a crucial factor, and we cannot recommend any auto trading platform that fails to secure the system.

To test the live trading feature, we funded our new account with $250. This was a test, and we are happy that it turned out excellently. Our new Bitcoin Future account was credited with the funds in less than ten minutes, and we were ready to start the live trading feature.

Step Three: Demo Trading on Bitcoin Future

This is one of the fantastic features we found on Bitcoin Future automated trading platform; The demo trading software allows users to test the auto trading system for cryptocurrencies without using real money. We used the demo trading feature to analyse how the trading robots monitor market signals and detect the best money making opportunities for account holders. The system is perfect; we were able to understand why the success score for Bitcoin Future is so high.

Step Four: Live Trading

We started our live trading session after selecting the best cryptocurrency pairs and setting the stop-loss feature. The stop loss prevents the system from trading your funds when the market is in the negative. It is a security feature that protects your funds, very impressive. Our first live trading session lasted for six hours; we watched it happen because this was a review, and we needed to observe everything. We split the funds into two halves and the system traded on our account. In the end, our account balance had an extra $130 after payout; this was our profit for the day.

The best choice ☑ Bitcoin Future is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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Key Features of Bitcoin Future


The payout system is accurate and reliable; we tested it and had a good experience. Payout is done after each trading session, and the user can proceed to withdraw their earnings. On Bitcoin Future, there are users who make as much as $1,000 daily after a trading session.

Verification System

This is the software that verifies the details each user provides when opening a new Bitcoin Future account. Verification is quick and necessary, so your fund is not sent to a wrong bank account.

Withdrawal Process

This is the best feature ever, we have tested many automated trading platforms for cryptocurrencies, and the withdrawal process on Bitcoin Future is the best. We needed to withdraw the profit we made after the first trading session, and it was so easy. We initiated a withdrawal on our Bitcoin Future account, and the request was processed in less than 24-hours. We were excited; it was so different from many other auto trading platforms that restrict withdrawals or process requests in as long as a week or more, which is very inconvenient. We know so many users will appreciate the fast withdrawal process on Bitcoin Future.


We observed that all the processes regarding operations and charges on Bitcoin Future are transparent. We were able to monitor the system and can confidently state here that there are no hidden fees on Bitcoin Future. The system charges a commission on your profits only. This means you don’t get charged until the robots make a profit on your account. We think this is an excellent idea.


The testimonials segment features a compilation of the amazing experiences Bitcoin Future account holders are having on the platform. It reveals that many users are satisfied with trading robots.

Customer Service

The customer service portal on the website is available 24/7, this is another wonderful feature, and there are many users from all over the world and in different time zones. It helps to have a system that offers support any time it is needed.


We identified some of the brokers on Bitcoin Future. The brokers help to monitor the auto trading activities on the system. They are reliable, experienced, and can be trusted.

Bitcoin Future versus other Robots

Bitcoin Future Other bitcoin robots
Everyone can use Bitcoin Future to start earning daily; it is open to new and old cryptocurrency traders and investors. The trading systems on other platforms are too complex for beginners. This increases the chances of losing funds on these platforms, which is not a good experience.
Quick registration process, new accounts can be opened and ready for use in minutes. On other platforms, it can take up to a week for new accounts to be approved because they require too much information from new users.
Trading and payouts on Bitcoin Future is transparent.  The systems are too complex, it is difficult to identify the charges and why users are made to pay different fees.
 High success score which increases earning opportunities. Many systems are flawed and fail to offer users any benefits.
Bitcoin Future offers users a demo account to study the system. Many trading platforms do not give users an opportunity to observe how the system works.

Here are some tips for New Users

  •  Start small

We think it is a good idea to start trading with the lowest deposit allowed on the system; this is $250. Starting with the minimum investment allows you to study how automated trading works and grow your savings.

  • Withdraw your profits

The cryptocurrency market is quite unpredictable; this is why you must withdraw your profits as soon as possible, and save it while you reinvest the capital. With this approach, you can grow your passive income and have significant savings.

  • Study the cryptocurrency market trends

There is so much free information out there to help you study the market trends; you can also find helpful tips from online videos and forums where cryptocurrency trading is discussed. With this information, you can make better decisions to deposit higher or lower investments based on the trending market signals. With this approach, you can take advantage of a favourable market trend and make huge profits from the market.

Advantages of Automated Trading Platforms for Cryptocurrency

  • High Accuracy: Manual traders encounter many issues, and one mistake can lead to losses. Trading with robots offers you a chance to leverage the highly accurate systems that are less prone to errors. The data to be analysed before a trade is made is very vast, doing this can lead to errors in the case of manual trades. However, trading robots can analyse vast amount of data in a few seconds.
  • Convenience: Trading platforms for cryptocurrencies that are managed by trading robots are very convenient to use. The trading robots do all the work for you after making a deposit. An automated trading system, such as Bitcoin Future is a perfect option for busy people to earn a passive income while keeping their regular day jobs.
  • High ROI: The return on investments for all users is very high; we have tested Bitcoin Future and can confirm that every account holder can earn a profit on a daily basis. The system is transparent and works efficiently.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Users can get help any time to ensure their accounts are open for trades. This also means the chances of losing an earning opportunity is very low because issues users encounter can be quickly resolved.

Does Bitcoin Future have a Mobile App?

We have not found a mobile app for Bitcoin Future on the popular app stores. We believe it may be a project in progress. We were able to easily access the automated trading platform via the browsers on our smartphones and computers. The website is responsive and can be viewed on different types of mobile devices.

Bitcoin Future Review: The Verdict!

Everyone in my team was impressed with Bitcoin Future at the end of our review. We tested all its features and used the live trading feature which worked flawlessly. We can confirm that Bitcoin Future works and it is reliable. The auto trading platform offers every user a chance to earn a profit every day with minimal effort.

The best choice ☑ Bitcoin Future is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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  • Are there hidden fees?

No, we can confirm that there are no hidden fees on Bitcoin Future trading platform.

  • What are my chances of making money with Bitcoin Future?

Very high, the success score on Bitcoin Future increases the chances of all users to earn a profit starting from their first trading session.

  • Is it free to register a Bitcoin Future account?

Yes, it is free to register a new Bitcoin Future account. Register here.

  • How much can be withdrawn from the system?

There are no restrictions on withdrawals from Bitcoin Future. You can withdraw all your funds when you need the money.

  • Is Bitcoin Future a type of affiliate website for marketing?

No, Bitcoin Future is an automated cryptocurrency trading platform, the system is run by intelligent robots that trade Bitcoins and other coins for you and earn a profit.

Open demo account


Bitcoin Era Review

It is always a delight to review auto-trading websites for cryptocurrency. Many traders are earning daily profits from this new innovation, Few investors who are not sure about the best auto trading platforms to use. This is why my team and I test the popular auto trading platforms for cryptocurrency to know if they really work.

In this report, we have written about our experiences while testing the Bitcoin Era. It is one of the best online auto trading platforms for cryptocurrency; we had a great experience using this automated trading system.

Conclusion: We have tested the platform and believe it is 100% legit!

The best choice ☑ Bitcoin Era is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
Trade Now

We can confirm that everyone who has a Bitcoin Era account can earn a profit every day. The system is that good, it is also fast, and we were impressed with the trading activities of the robots and other features such as withdrawals and using the customer support system

Below, we have documented our findings and also added helpful information to guide new users who are about to join this trend and start earning a profit daily from the cryptocurrency market.

Is Bitcoin Era legit? Yes!

We tested the Bitcoin Era using sophisticated analytical tools; our findings have been very encouraging. The Bitcoin Era is a legit auto trading platform; it is also one of the trading platforms with the highest success rating. Our analytical tools showed that the success rating on Bitcoin Era is 97%. With such a high win rate, everyone can earn a profit consistently, after each trading session.

  • Our test results show that the outstanding features of the Bitcoin Era can be identified as the reason for its high win rate.
  • On the website, we verified the information published for users, and 99% of this data is accurate.
  • We scored the customer support system 90%, the response to questions was fast, and the consultants had ready and accurate answers.
  • Bitcoin Era has a simple layout which makes the system easy to use and navigate. New and old investors will not have a problem opening an account and using its features.
  • Click here to open with a new Bitcoin Era, please find more details of our tests and report below.

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During this test, we ensured that our tools were used in real-time to get values and results that can provide accurate feedback to our readers who need a reliable auto trading website to use. We also analysed the reviews on independent websites such as TrustPilot to know what current users of Bitcoin Era were saying. At the end of our review, we did not find any information that indicates that users are dissatisfied with the system. Instead, there is a high level of satisfaction. With this information, we were encouraged to proceed with our tests.

How we tested Bitcoin Era

It was quite easy; we were able to analyse Bitcoin Era because the auto trading platform is transparent. We tested the rate at which the trading robots analysed the market signals and performed trades; we also observed the trades to ensure they could potentially help users earn a profit. During this review, we focused on assessing how easy it is to open a new account, activating the live trading feature, the withdrawal process, and how effective the customer support system is for users.

Reliability tests

We discovered that Bitcoin Era was run by intelligent robots that an analyse a vast amount of market signals and data in seconds. This is much better than trading Bitcoins manually. The accuracy of these processes increased the reliability score of Bitcoin Era.

Earning a profit

Averagely, it is possible to earn $1,300 every day with Bitcoin Era; however, the value of earnings depends on the investment you make. For example, users who invest the minimum deposit of $250 will earn lower than other users who invest as much as $3,000; the maximum investment allowed on the system is $15,000. However, we advise new users to start small, with a minimum investment of $250 and grow over time.

The feedback from current users has been excellent. It is possible to start earning a profit from the first live trading session. However, the market risks associated with cryptocurrency trading still exist. This is why it is a good idea to use an auto trading system we have tested, such as Bitcoin Era.

Can Bitcoin Era be trusted?

The intelligent robots that perform trades automatically on Bitcoin Era are reliable; we tested the live trading feature and watched how transactions were handled for six hours. My team was happy with the results; the robots were fast and accurate. Also, the high win rate on this auto trading platform which we got from our tests confirm the positive reviews many users have posted on the official Bitcoin Era website.

Online Safety

We consider the safety of all users to be a very important factor, we know minimal information is needed to open an account on Bitcoin Era, but this information must be protected. This is why we checked the online safety measures on the auto trading platform. Thankfully, we found out that the communication, data, and funds on Bitcoin Era are encrypted and safe. The auto trading platform is SSL secured.

What is Bitcoin Era?

Bitcoin Era is a trading platform that uses robots to perform automated trades for its users. It is an app that can be used to earn thousands of dollars every day. The live trading feature can be activated by account owners after making a deposit of only $250. The trading robots analyse the cryptocurrency market to find profitable trades and perform transactions using the funds deposited in the account owners’ balance on Bitcoin Era.

We advise all new users to start small, with a minimum deposit of $250, they have a chance to study the system and grow their passive income to as much as $50,000 in a few months. Bitcoin Era users can earn as high as 15% of their deposits after each trading session.

We are happy to find out that auto trading platforms such as Bitcoin Era work seamlessly and can be used by everyone, regardless of their knowledge or expertise as cryptocurrency traders. The robots do all the work; all you need to do is make a deposit and sit back to watch the system generate profits for you.

The best choice ☑ Bitcoin Era is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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How does the trading robots on Bitcoin Era work?

The trading robots are programmed with highly sophisticated tech; we were impressed with the unique algorithm on the system. The software used by the developers of Bitcoin Era ensures the trading robots can analyse market trends and potentially profitable signals from the market. When an earning opportunity is detected, users who have activated the live trading feature can earn a huge profit; the trading robots use their deposited funds to perform transactions which are most profitable.

The system is backed by professional brokers who monitor the auto trading processes done by the robots to ensure the user will earn a profit at the end of the trading session.

Bitcoin Era is one of the fastest auto trading systems we have tested. However, we should note here that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, so it is best to invest funds you can afford to lose.

The Algorithm on Bitcoin Era

We had some of the best tools to analyse the algorithm on Bitcoin Era; this was not new, almost every auto trading platform uses this special algorithm for trading.

From our assessment, the algorithm on this platform is similar to what we see on FOREX trading platforms. It is specially enhanced to analyse huge market data in seconds. The outcome of this analysis is processed by the trading robots to perform profitable trades for the account owners.

My experience as a cryptocurrency trader who used manual trading platforms before discovering that robots can perform trades makes me understand the need to select the best trading pairs for currencies accurately. Manual trading processes require extensive studies to know the best trading pairs; however, with Bitcoin Era; the robots select profitable trading pairs easily using the algorithm.

Step by Step Guide to Opening a Bitcoin Era Account

We were impressed with the quick and easy process to open a new Bitcoin Era account. Please view the registration process here, on this page; you will see the countries where Bitcoin Era is available. To open your new Bitcoin Era account, follow the process below;

STEP ONE: Creating a new account

We were able to get a new Bitcoin Era account in less than ten minutes. All that was required was the account name, an email address, and a phone number. This information was verified, and we provided a strong password for our new account. Other trading platforms for cryptocurrency require too much information, and there is no guarantee of security. We think it is a good idea to make it easy for investors to open a Bitcoin Era account.

STEP TWO: Making a Deposit

We found multiple payment options on the platform. Users can fund their Bitcoin Era accounts through MasterCard, Visa, bank transfer, WebMoney, and Neteller, among many other options. We chose to use MasterCard, and it worked perfectly, our new account was funded in minutes.

STEP THREE: Live Trading

After confirming the new account balance, we were set to start a live trade session on Bitcoin Era. First, we needed to set a stop-loss for our account. This is a setting that protects our deposit from a loss if the market suddenly becomes too volatile. Next, the live trade.

After activating the live trade feature, we watched the robots trade on our account for four hours. This was a test, so we decided to only trade for four hours. The trading robots worked perfectly, and the market signals during that time were many, but it wasn’t a problem for the robots. Live trade can go on for as long as the user wants. However, we do not advise users to set live trading sessions for 24-hours non-stop trading, a few hours daily should be sufficient to earn a profit.

Is Bitcoin Era legit? Our verdict!

We conclude that Bitcoin Era is a legit and reliable auto trading platform; it can be used by people who don’t know anything about trading cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Era is easy to use and requires only $250 as the minimum deposit to get started.

Everything about Bitcoin Era is transparent, we checked the payouts system, and it was easy to calculate how payouts are done. The system is also protected from online attacks, keeping user data safe.

We recommend Bitcoin Era to everyone who has been finding it difficult to choose a reliable and legit auto trading platform for cryptocurrency.

The best choice ☑ Bitcoin Era is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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  • Can I trust the system with my deposit?

Yes, you can make deposits and start earning after your first trading session. However, we advise everyone to start with the minimum deposit of $250 and grow their capital.

  • Can I make money with Bitcoin Era?

Yes you can, and it gets better, you don’t need to have any expert cryptocurrency trading knowledge to start earning with Bitcoin Era.

  • Is it free to open a new account?

Yes, there is no need to pay a licence fee or any charge when creating a new Bitcoin Era account.

  • How fast is the withdrawal process?

It is so effective; you will be impressed. We tested the withdrawal process, and our request to withdraw funds was completed in less than 24-hours.

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Bitcoin Profit Review

Our team and I have been following software development news for so long to know that not all information put out on the internet is correct. Some users can condemn a product without proper assessment. This is one of the reasons we have organized this team of professionals and tech enthusiasts to do reviews for products that look very promising.

Thanks to everyone for comments and accolades for our past work. This time our focus is on the Bitcoin Profit. We will be reviewing its features and analyzing some of the information put out on the internet to confirm if they are true or not.

Overall, at the end of this review, we aim to clarify if the Bitcoin Profit software can be trusted or not.

Conclusion: We have tested the platform and believe it is 100% legit!

The best choice ☑ Bitcoin Profit is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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Is Bitcoin Profit Legit? Yes

First, let’s give an overview of the Bitcoin Profit to enlighten readers who have not heard about the software. The Bitcoin profit is an automated trading software for cryptocurrencies. It is particularly designed to trade the Bitcoin, which is by far the most valuable cryptocurrency; however, during this review, we learned that some selected cryptos could be traded with this software.

The Bitcoin Profit works with an intelligent algorithm run by robots. The software detects and monitors favorable prices of cryptocurrency to give users leverage by buying when the price is low and selling immediately the price appreciates making a profit. The system offers an estimated win ration of about 92%.

From my knowledge, I understand that the best trading decisions in cryptocurrency are made when the trader has a good means of monitoring market trends to speculate the rise or fall in cryptocurrency prices. Also, there are crucial signals to watch, which determine the potentials of making profits from a trade. However, with software such as the Bitcoin Profit, these processes are automated, which takes care of much work for beginners who want to start trading in cryptocurrency.

Our attention was drawn to the Bitcoin Profit after seeing many positive claims from current users who indicate the software has helped them earn more money as traders. However, many people in the audience are skeptical, hence the need for a comprehensive review to ascertain the true possibilities with the software.

For this review, we came prepared. My team and I had set aside real money to test the Bitcoin Profit and determine if it really works. Thankfully, the outcome of this test was positive, and we are happy to announce that we earned some profits after testing the system with real money.

Unverified claims online have made it necessary to test all software advertised for trading cryptocurrency. This is an area many investors are interested in considering the potentials to make money and grow passive income. This is every trader's dream. There are risks considering the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market, but the risks can be mitigated when the trader knows how the system works. From our assessment, Bitcoin Profit offers all traders a potential means to grow and sustain a passive income. It is at the level of other notable trading software such as the Bitcoin Code and CryptoSoft. We can affirm this from our findings after actual tests. The system has been simplified to enable new and experienced traders to gain profit without necessarily going through stress, thanks to the automated trading feature.

Is Bitcoin Profit Scam or Not: The Verdict!

  1. We confirmed the high conversion rate attributed to the ease of use and intelligent robots that run the software, users of the Bitcoin Profit can gain much profit.
  2. It is best to start trading with the minimum investment of $250, to lower the risks in the volatile cryptocurrency market. We confirmed that it is possible to make a significant profit even with the minimum deposit.
  3. Our tests affirmed that the system does offer an impressive 92% success rate!
  4. Click this link to check it out for yourself; we have included more details about our tests and findings below.

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What is Bitcoin Profit?

Simply put the Bitcoin Profit is an automated trading software that can closely monitor the cryptocurrency market signals to identify market trends that are favorable to traders. With the Bitcoin Profit, users can make significant profits every day by buying cryptos at a low price and selling when the price increases. The Bitcoin Profit was invented by John Mayers; it has gained market popularity because the software works faster than the regular market indices by 0.01 seconds. This is how users leverage the Bitcoin Profit to earn more daily.

Users don’t need to be expert traders to start making profits with the Bitcoin Profit. The automated system relies on signals and daily trends, which are closely monitored and speculated to determine the best time to buy and sell crypto. Hence, the software does all the work while users can sit back and count their earnings. The system is similar to the Bitcoin Trader; another automated trading software that works excellently. Even with the average uncertainties in the market, the intelligent robots that run the Bitcoin Profit software remarkably increase the chances of every user to earn more passive income.

Since its invention, cryptocurrency trading has helped many traders earn much profit and become millionaires overnight. The early users of the automated system have set the pace while new users can enjoy the benefits of systems such as Bitcoin Profit which have already been tested and trusted. With this review, we hope to present accurate information that can help market speculators make a better decision regarding the automated software to use for trading cryptos.

This particular review of the Bitcoin Profit was easy for my team to start and complete because the system is so transparent. Everything has been laid out bare for users to study and understand how automated trading features work. The trading signals are provided for free, and the software handles all the trading processes with the input from experienced brokers who have been registered on the system. I think it is an excellent opportunity for everyone to take advantage of the earning opportunities in the cryptocurrency market because signing up for a Bitcoin Profit account is free. We were impressed with the amount of free information presented on the Bitcoin Profit's homepage.

The package and its amazing transparency made our task easy. We know that the developers are committed to improving the software to give all users more leverage in the market. The Bitcoin Profit system is sustained from the commission received when users make a profit. We think it is fair; after all, users barely lift a finger to do anything after making a deposit.

The best choice ☑ Bitcoin Profit is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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Creating a Bitcoin Profit Account

This was a good experience for my team and I; we were able to start and complete the registration process in minutes. Here is a step by step guide on how we did it.

  • Registration

We decided to make it easy for everyone who would like to set up an account by including a link, click here to register your account with Bitcoin Profit. A form was provided on the website, and we completed it to begin the registration process. The information required includes our name, email address, and phone number. Then we were prompted to set a password. You should ensure a secure password is used at this stage to protect your account. After saving our password, an account was created and linked to a broker. All this happened in less than three minutes. The brokers’ job is to monitor the trading activities on our account to ensure we make a profit. Next, we had to make a deposit.

  • Deposit

We were happy to see that many alternatives have been provided to enable users to easily make a deposit.

Options such as MasterCard, MerchantPay, SafePay, Visa, GiroPay, and other Debit card options are available to make a deposit. We selected our preferred option, and our account was credited in seconds. For this review, we chose to start with the minimum deposit of $250 to testthe system. Thankfully, the outcome was very good.

  • Demo trading

The developers of this software have added a demo account on the website. A demo account allows users to perform simulated trades without using real money. Demo accounts help users to test the system and understand how it works before depositing real money to start trading. We were happy about this; every user can check the processes to know if it is suitable. We gave it a trial, the demo mode is fast and excellent, and we recommend that users try it too.

For our experience with demo trading, we set the deposit at $1,500, remember this is not real money, just for demo trading to test the system. Using the auto trade features, everything was easy. The Bitcoin Profit software automatically processed our trading pairs, and we made profits even on the demo account. It was enough motivation to try the real thing, and we were excited.

  • Live trading

After experiencing how the software works from our demo trading experience, we were ready to start trading with real money. First, we needed to activate the auto trade feature and set risk limits to avoid loss. Risk management was done with the Stop loss feature. To get this done, we simply had to click on the auto trade tab on the dashboard.

Next, we selected our preferred cryptocurrency trading pairs with the available cryptocurrencies- Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin; the options are BTC/USD, XRP/USD, LTC/USD, ETHH/USD, and cryptos can also be matched together.

Everything was easy because of the excellent layout of the dashboard. All we needed was displayed on the screen; the website also featured help buttons in case we needed to contact the customer support team.

Is a Bitcoin Wallet Required for Live Trades?

We received this question many times, so it is important that we address it. No, there is no need to have a Bitcoin wallet before you can start using the Bitcoin Profit software. The trades are done with crypto, but users deposit and earn real money-USD. Earnings can then be converted to local currency and withdrawn to the provided bank accounts. We think this is a very convenient arrangement, and it makes it easier for every user to start using the software without the additional costs of paying for a Bitcoin wallet.

The best choice ☑ Bitcoin Profit is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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Important Features of the Bitcoin Profit


We were particularly interested in the payout structure because this is how many users earn. In determining the credibility of the payout system, we had to test it live. After depositing the minimum $250 and trading live, we earned an impressive profit and initiated a withdrawal, which was a smooth process. Averagely, from our calculations, every user can earn as much as $1,300 every day using the Bitcoin profit automated trading software.

Verification System

To ascertain the information provided during registration, verification is done. We were required to verify the email address and phone number we provided. This process was quick and stress-free. We found it convenient that the verification process was brief yet effective, no need to provide utility bills or work IDs. It is, however, important to carefully enter bank account details to ensure you get credited quickly.

Withdrawal and Deposits

We discovered that withdrawals could be made at any time during the day or at night. This is also very convenient for all users. Our first withdrawal was processed within 24-hours, which seemed very fair.


We also carefully checked our accounts to know if any hidden costs had been deducted without our knowledge. Thankfully, we can affirm that the system is 100% transparent. There were no hidden charges; the only deduction made from our account was 1% after we had made a profit from the live trade. The amount was so small, and we were happy to share, after all, making the profit was so easy because of the effective software. We were impressed with the system, accurate and seamless transaction yet no hidden fees unlike other software in the market.

Feedback system

The feedback system we noticed on the website includes testimonials from current users and options to make inquiries or suggestions. We think this is smart; it is important to know what the users think about the software and suggest ways for improvement. Our feedback was glowing; we had a great experience using the software and made a profit. If we continue using the software, we are guaranteed to make more profit every day. From the testimonials on the website, we see that many other users are enjoying similar benefits as well.

Customer Support

We also tested the customer support features to confirm that all users can get assistance 24/7. This was correct as advertised; we connected with the customer support team during the day and at night. The staff were helpful and seemed to have an in-depth knowledge of the system to help us every time we used the customer support feature. However, it was just a test, and there was no real emergency or issue because the software works seamlessly.


The brokers affiliated with the system manage the deposited funds and ensure that all assets and trades placed through their accounts are processed quickly.

The best choice ☑ Bitcoin Profit is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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Bitcoin Profit Versus other Robots

We made a brief comparison between Bitcoin Profit and other automated trading robots to highlight some of the advantages of Bitcoin we have uncovered during this review. Our findings are presented below:

Bitcoin Profit Other bitcoin robots
✅Bitcoin Profit offers a win ratio above 85%. ❌ Unverified win ration for prospective trades.
✅ It takes only 24-hours to process withdrawals on the Bitcoin Profit platform. ❌Long withdrawal processes, sometimes it takes as long as ten days to complete a withdrawal.
✅ Quick registration process completed in minutes. ❌Hectic registration process, some platforms require information such as passport details, utility bills, bank information, making the process too long.
✅ Demo trade features for new and experienced users to test the system. ❌No demo accounts or information to help new users understand how automated cryptocurrency trading works. It is easy for users to make wrong decisions and lose money.
✅Wide range of deposit and payment options for convenience. ❌Inadequate customer support for assisting users when needed.

How to Earn More with Bitcoin Profit

We can confirm that every user stands a golden opportunity to earn on this platform because we tested it and made a profit. Our experience has been enlightening, and we will like to state some of the processes we took to earn on the platform as a guide to new users who will like to start trading Bitcoins and grow their passive income. Cryptocurrency trading is lucrative; your chances of earning are higher when you use software that has been tested and comprehensively reviewed. This is what we set out to achieve, to confirm if this software really works.

Our findings have been impressive, and we commend the efforts of the developers behind the Bitcoin profit who have designed a platform that everyone can sign up for free and start earning.

Here are the steps to consider as a new user:

  • Start with the minimum investment. It is best to start with a minimum investment of $250. This way, you can study your first trade and understand the system better. Starting with the minimum investment also helps you decide the next deposit you make. However, the higher deposit can significantly increase the payout.
  • Withdraw profit. It is also a great idea to withdraw your profit, leaving the capital to continue the cycle of increasing your passive income.
  • Read more about automated cryptocurrency trading. There is so much information out there about cryptocurrency trading that can help you understand the system and make better decisions. We found much information before doing this review and encourage every user out there to continue learning from the experts.
  • Careful investments. The cryptocurrency market is quite volatile; this means even when you start earning much money, it is best to invest only what you can afford to lose. It is not advisable to invest your entire life savings as there are risks to consider.

Why Should You Use Bitcoin Profit?

After our extensive review of the Bitcoin Profit, we have the answer to this question many people ask. There are so many claims by different automated trading platforms of high conversion and performance. These are just claims until they have been verified. We are happy to state that the Bitcoin Profit has been reviewed, tested, and confirmed to be among the top automated platforms for trading Bitcoin. Here are some of the reasons this platform impressed us during the review;

  • Responsive and user-friendly software. Our experience with the Bitcoin Profit software has been seamless and very encouraging. We like the algorithm and how its features respond during use. It is an effective platform that can be used by everyone without any particular training in cryptocurrency trading without having a Bitcoin wallet.
  • High win ratio. From our live trading experience, we can confirm that the Bitcoin Profit has a high win ratio. We calculated and estimated the success rate to be about 90%, which is similar to the projections advertised on the website. The earning opportunities are higher because a deposit of $250 can be split into ten smaller transactions of $25 to increase the earning potentials of the user.
  • Demo account and tutorials. It is a great idea to include a demo account on the platform. Many other trading platforms do not offer demo accounts. This is yet another feature that convinced us of the developer’s commitment to promoting a transparent system that will be mutually beneficial for users and the system. New and experienced users can increase their knowledge and make better decisions by using the demo trading mode and studying the tutorials.
  • 24/7 Customer support. We tested the effectiveness of the customer support system, and it is impressive. When necessary, users can connect with the team in minutes and get the assistance they need.
The best choice ☑ Bitcoin Profit is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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Has Bitcoin Profit been featured in the Media?

While preparing to start our review of the Bitcoin Profit, we found some content online that suggest Bitcoin is affiliated with popular TV shows and celebrities who have endorsed the software. These claims had no links for further verification, so we decided to confirm their authenticity.

Dragon’s Den

Some of the content we found online indicated that the Bitcoin Profit is strongly affiliated with the TV show Dragons Den. Well, our findings show that this is not true, at least not yet. Since the beginning of the TV show, there have been no mentions or direct affiliation with the Bitcoin Profit.

Shark Tank

The TV show Shark Tank is another program that has been linked to the Bitcoin profit as a proposed endorsement. However, we have found out this information is not true. It is just a rumor.

We believe the people who post the false information online are attempting to attract a larger crowd to use their software, from the perspective that if TV shows are affiliated with automated trading software, any of the products is safe for investment.

Celebrity endorsements?

We also investigated the claims that some celebrities and successful entrepreneurs have endorsed Bitcoin Profit publicly. Here’s what we found out;

Bill Gates

Bill Gates comments that indicate he believes cryptocurrency can be better than the currency we use has been somewhat twisted to insinuate he has endorsed automated trading software such as Bitcoin Profit. But this is not true; we have not found any proof that Bill Gates has mentioned or encouraged others to use the software.

Sir Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson has openly declared he is impressed with the Bitcoin and the new opportunities it brings to the market. While he is a fan of the cryptocurrency, Sir Branson has no known investment or affiliation with the Bitcoin profit as some people have suggested online.

Chamath Palihapitiya

Chamath Palihapitiya is the genius behind AOL; he is also a smart investor in the cryptocurrency market with Bitcoin holdings. However, it should be noted that cryptocurrency is his private investment, while others can confidently invest in Bitcoins following the decision of such a smart and successful investor, there is no proof that Chamath Palihapitiya has endorsed the Bitcoin profit publicly.

Gordon Ramsay

The British billionaire and serial entrepreneur have also been linked with the Bitcoin profit as an investor and supporter. This news is also false. We did find out that Gordon Ramsay plans to take legal action against people who are posting such information on the media.

While there is so much useful information online, it is best to visit only verified websites known to post only accurate information. It is easy to know when an information is correct; there will be links and quotes from the people involved. This is why we do comprehensive reviews to ensure the public has a reliable source of information to help them make better investment decisions.

Should we expect a Mobile App for Bitcoin Profit?

We searched the iOS and Android online stores, but we did not find any app for the Bitcoin Profit. An app will be great for this software; however, the platform can be accessed via any browser on mobile devices or computers.

Bitcoin Profit Review: Our Conclusion

The earning potentials in the cryptocurrency market are now apparent. However, many people are not sure how to start earning; this is why automated trading software such as the Bitcoin Profit has been developed. There are still skepticisms about the software and its benefits, hence the need for this review. Trading in Bitcoins is an easy way to grow passive income consistently, and after this extensive review and tests, we can confirm that the Bitcoin Profit is one of the best means to trade Bitcoins and earn impressive profits with little effort.

It is true some people have had losses and bad experience using automated trading bots, from our discoveries, that can only happen when the users did not fully understand how automated trading works. It is therefore important that users only register on platforms such as Bitcoin Profit where they have access to demo trading platforms, tutorials and a tested automated trading platform that is guaranteed to help them earn much more profits.

We recommend Bitcoin Profit to everyone based on our personal experience and earnings during the tests we carried out. The system offers all users, regardless of experience, a chance to earn profits trading Bitcoins with very little effort. The system handles the entire process after a deposit has been made.

Give it a trial, start your experience trading Bitcoins, we are confident, your testimonial will be up on the homepage in a few days.

The best choice ☑ Bitcoin Profit is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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  • Does the Bitcoin Profit really have a high win ratio?

Yes, we can confirm this from a personal experience using the software. Our calculations revealed a high win ration above 90% for all trades.

  • Have any celebrities endorsed the Bitcoin Profit?

We checked the claims and can state that at this time, there is no public endorsement of the Bitcoin Profit by any celebrities.

  • Can I withdraw Bitcoins from My Bitcoin Profit account to a crypto wallet?

No, this will not be possible. While the system trades Bitcoins, deposits and payout are done with real money in your local currency. This means you can earn money passively without having any particular experience as a Bitcoin trader.

  • Is Bitcoin Profit affiliated with any other automated cryptocurrency trading platform?

Bitcoin Profit is an independent platform, and there are no affiliations with other trading platforms. The names might be similar, that is because many trading platforms are focused on the Bitcoin, which is the most valuable and common cryptocurrency in the market. Always ensure you are on the authentic website for the Bitcoin Profit before starting your registration. You can get started by following this link.

  • What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency traded and managed through a decentralized system called the Blockchain which reduces potential online risks. The Bitcoin was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. It is remotely mined by thousands of miners all over the world to ensure transactions done using Bitcoin are fast and reliable.

  • Are there any particular requirements before the Bitcoin Profit can be used?

The platform is open to the public. Users do not need to have any training or certification in cryptocurrency trading before they can start earning. We tested the automated trading feature on the Bitcoin profit; it is seamless and reliable. Everyone can use it, after making a deposit, the system handles the entire trading activities, makes a profit, and the user's account is credited.

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Bitcoin Trader Review

Bitcoin Trader is a unique trading platform that has made quite a buzz in the market within a short time. It is claimed to have a win rate of over 99.4% accuracy when it comes to crypto trading. But is there any truth to this claim?

Many online reviews have written about bitcoin trader scam. Are those reviews true or paid by competitors? We are going to find out in this honest bitcoin trader review

Considering the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market, it is understandable that many people are skeptical about using Bitcoin Trader. However, we might be losing out on a great opportunity to make much money by entertaining doubts.

Thankfully, my team and I had some free time, and we decided to extensively examine the Bitcoin Trader to achieve what should become the final verdict the public needs to know- if the cryptocurrency trading platform can be trusted. In this review, we have documented our findings, which I am sure will make every reader and potential investor very happy. Let’s start with an overview of the Bitcoin Trader to enlighten readers who didn’t know about it before.

Conclusion: We have tested the platform and believe it is 100% legit!

The best choice ☑ Bitcoin Trader is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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What is the Bitcoin Trader?

The Bitcoin Trader was designed to function as a tool that can be used by traders to buy and sell Bitcoins with minimal effort and the promise of making a significant profit. It was invented in 2017 by Gary Roberts and has been used by many traders to grow their passive income significantly.

One of our objectives during this review of the Bitcoin Trader was to test the advertised features of the Bitcoin that sound very attractive such as the fast processing for transactions that can give traders leverage in the market. The Bitcoin Trader can be used to perform trades significantly quicker than similar platforms online.

It is a great idea to develop robots that can help cryptocurrency traders cope with the ever-changing market. Think about how difficult it is to handle hundreds of transactions in a few minutes. Thanks to the trading robots such as Bitcoin Trader, it is possible to trade faster and earn more. The importance of these trading robots is one of the reasons we are interested in discovering the true nature of the Bitcoin Trader and revealing our findings publicly.

The first thing we observed about Bitcoin Trader is its automated trading features which have been tested and proven to be effective. Leveraging the automated trading features, users can earn as high as $1,300 a day with the minimum deposit of $250 required to start trading.

Sounds great right? Wait till you read more about our findings, it seems cryptocurrency traders are set for better times ahead using platforms like Bitcoin Trader.

Is Bitcoin Trader Legit? Yes

Questions about the legitimacy of Bitcoin Trader topped the list of inquiries from traders interested in maximizing their earning potentials. So it was the first aspect my team, and I sought to examine. It turns out that Bitcoin Trader is 100% legitimate and suitable for new and experienced traders.

After verifying the authenticity of the Bitcoin Trader, we checked the internet to view feedback from current and past users. My team and I felt it was best to know what the public is saying about the Bitcoin Trader so we can identify specific areas to examine during our tests. We found conflicting remarks online about the Bitcoin Trader. Some users wrote that it is the best and most trustworthy trading platform they had used, while others indicated they experienced some frustrations and had to discontinue using the platform.

This discovery was not surprising; after all, everyone cannot be pleased with a product. So we identified the areas of concern indicated by the unsatisfied users as a guide for our review of the Bitcoin Trader.

Is Bitcoin Trader Scam or Not: The Verdict!

Here’s a summary of our findings that made our team confidently vote against all indications that Bitcoin Trader is a scam;

  1. We discovered that users could potentially enjoy positive returns as high as 88% by leveraging the trading signals on the platform.
  2. The trading platform is responsive and has commendable usability. Traders who have read and understood how automated trading for cryptocurrencies work stands to be among the top gainers with Bitcoin Trader.
  3. The minimal deposit of $250 is a strong indication that the developers of Bitcoin Trader are interested in helping users make careful decisions considering the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market.
  4. The App for Bitcoin Trader can be downloaded in seconds, and registration only takes a few minutes, check it out by clicking this link.

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What is the Bitcoin Trader?

The Bitcoin Trader is best described as an automated cryptocurrency trading platform that functions with intelligent robots backed by sophisticated Artificial Intelligence. While that sounds complicated, we found out that using the Bitcoin Trader is really simple. The software can be classified in the ranks of other popular cryptocurrency trading platforms such as the Bitcoin Code and Cryptosoft.

The Bitcoin Trader offers new and experienced traders a chance to increase their passive income by investing a low as $250 to get started. The intelligent robots that work with this system are programmed to detect favorable Bitcoin prices at which users can buy or sell to make a profit.

Our extensive study of the Bitcoin Trader for this review helped us understand the automated trading system, which can lower the time needed to make the best trading decisions. Regarding cryptocurrency, time is money, and fast decisions are essential to make the most profits. This is why automated trading systems are more effective than relying on manual trading processes. No wonder the Bitcoin Trader is very popular. We are confident the effort put into doing this review will help more traders decide and start earning more with the Bitcoin Trader.

How it works

The process is quite easy to understand. We have carefully studied the Bitcoin Trader, and how it works so, you can trust this review for accurate information. First, new users will be required to register an account. After this stage, they can deposit funds and activate the auto trading feature to start working for them. Sound easy right? We were happy about the straight forward process, and sure many users won’t have problems creating an account. In our case, we set up our account and ready to start earning in a few minutes.

The information we were required to provide are as follows, full names, contact information- we entered a phone number, and an active email address which was verified. The steps for registration have been described below

The best choice ☑ Bitcoin Trader is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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Creating a Bitcoin Trader account

Step 1: Registration

Registration is done on the official BitcoinTrader website. There a registration form is provided which we completed before proceeding. There were no charges at any of the registration stages, unlike some other software we had tested.

After entering the required information – full name and contact information, we proceeded to the next registration stage, password creation. We entered a secure password of six characters according to the mandatory requirement. It is also stated that the password must be alphanumeric or the process cannot continue. Done with this step, we selected our country and entered a valid phone number. At this stage, the ‘Register Now’ tab was highlighted to continue the process. Averagely, this whole process should take less than two minutes.

Step 2: Making a Deposit

We chose to proceed by selecting the minimum deposit of $250. A deposit must be made before any user can activate the live trading feature. It is best if new users start with the minimum deposit of $250 and have the first experience before making higher deposits.

Making a deposit was easy because multiple payment options are available on the website. We saw that deposits could be made using MasterCard, Visa, or Maestro. To confirm the authenticity of a card, the user will be required to enter the expiry date and security code on the card. Before we entered this information, one of the experts in my team double checked the security in place for online safety. Thankfully, we found out that all transactions are protected with SSL. Satisfied with the security on the website, we proceeded to enter our payment information.

Step 3: Demo trading

Before starting the automated trading feature for live trade, we were prompted to tests the demo. The demo mode is a replica of the real trading process but without the use of real money. We tried it, and the demo mode was fantastic. We were able to view how live trades are done and how effective the system is, good enough, we made some money on the demo trade. Though earnings on the demo mode are not redeemable, we were confident in making real profits from our deposit of $250.

Step 4: Trading Process

It was interesting to find out that other cryptocurrencies were available for live trade. We were happy at this discovery because the existence of other cryptocurrency means traders can gain more from matching different currency pairs such as BTC/USD, XRP/EUR, or BTC/EUR and other combinations.

Before live trading starts, we were prompted to set trading limits for safety and select the currency pairs of our choice. This is where our knowledge of cryptocurrency trading was helpful. The initial settings will apply every day of trading, except it is changed before live trading starts.

In our case, we had some useful knowledge about cryptocurrency trading, so we were confident in deciding to activate the live trading feature. However, we advise everyone to use the demo mode first and start with little amounts to avoid loss. Trading limits can be slowly increased as the user learns more about the system.

We made impressive profits with our initial deposit and were able to withdraw our earnings without any problems. The transaction was fast and smooth, a plus for the Bitcoin Trader in our assessment.

Important Features of the Bitcoin Trader

Payout system

Let’s talk about our findings on the payout first since it is an area many people will be interested in. The platform is designed to help every trader earn as high as $1,300 every day. While this figure may only be achievable by experienced traders, from our experience, we are confident that new users with the minimum deposit can make impressive profits daily, just like we did. Over time, and with more experience, earnings will increase.

Verification Process

Verifying personal information is important. The details needed include full name, phone number, and an email address.

Withdrawal and Deposits

To make a deposit, we needed to enter the security code provided by our payment source as an authentication step before our account was debited. After earning a profit on the initial deposit we made, it was time to withdraw earnings and test the system. Thankfully, this was another smooth process. We were able to initiate a withdrawal request, and the transaction was completed in a few hours, unlike other platforms we had tested when our credit did not reflect for a few days.


We were particular about investigating the fees charged on the Bitcoin Trader platform because many of such services have different hidden charges unknown to users. It is with great pleasure that we found out there are no hidden charges on the Bitcoin Trader. Our initial deposit reflected in the account we created, and no deduction was made. So regarding hidden fees, using Bitcoin Trader is free.

Feedback system

We found some reviews posted by users on the website. They were interesting to read, some users made as much as $100,000 in profits after using the Bitcoin Trader for two months. Others have been able to make consistent profit every day, remarkably increasing their passive income.

Customer Support

We also tested the customer support system on Bitcoin Trader website, and it was a good experience. We saw options such as live chat, email, or phone numbers to contact a member of the customer support team. Using the live chat feature, we got a quick response, and the staff knew much about the system to provide the information we needed.


The system is affiliated with online stockbrokers who support the different investments made by users. After making a deposit, our account was linked to an online stockbroker registered and vetted by the system.

The best choice ☑ Bitcoin Trader is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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Bitcoin Trader Versus other Robots

Bitcoin Trader Other Bitcoin trading platforms
✅ The registration process can be completed in less than two minutes. ❌ Requirements such as Identity cards and questionnaires make the registration process long and quite frustrating.
✅ Multiple payment options it is convenient to make deposits using any preferred option. ❌ To make deposits users need to meet a long list of requirements such as presenting bank statements, and providing proof of income sources, in some cases, the banks will need to be contacted, and this takes time.
✅ Customisable settings for trading to reduce risks. ❌ Fully automated trading systems that place all the users’ funds at risk if one mistake is made.
✅ Many users have posted real reviews, it is an indication a majority of the users are satisfied with the system. ❌ The common reviews for the other trading platforms depict disappointment and doubts about long-term benefits.
✅ Fast withdrawal processing usually completed in 24-hours. ❌ Withdrawal processes can take as long as ten days to complete.

What The Bitcoin Trader Software Has to Offer

As per their claims, these are the benefits of this Bitcoin forex Trader:

  • Laser-Sharp Precision Performance

No other trading platform across the globe can match the 99.4% accuracy level that the Bitcoin Trader bot is able to achieve. That is why our members from different corners of the world trust us to increase their hard-earned cash by as much as 2, 3 or 4x times.

  • Exceptional Technology

The Bitcoin Trader Software relies on the most technologically advanced programming the trading world has ever glimpsed. The software beats the markets by as much as 0.01 seconds. If you have knowledge about trading, you’ll understand that this is a big deal. This gigantic time leap is the reason this software has emerged as the most consistent trading app across the entire world.

  • Awards And Accolades For The Trading App

The Bitcoin Trader bot has garnered a huge number of awards and accolades. The most recent award the app was honoured with was the #1 ranking in the trading software category by the US Trading Association

Why should you trade with Bitcoin Trader?

During our review of the Bitcoin Trader, we made it a point to identify some unique points that can be presented as reasons more people should create Bitcoin Trader accounts and start trading.

  • User-friendly features- from our experience with this platform, we can affirm that many of the active features on Bitcoin Trader are user-friendly. The quick registration process, making a deposit, activating the live trading feature and withdrawals can be done without expert knowledge of cryptocurrency trading.
  • Reliable customer support- The customer support system is accessible 24/7. This is a great feature because the traders who use Bitcoin Trader are from different parts of the world where they have varying time zones. It is essential that customer support is always available when needed. And we can state that the team has all the resources to help users, from our experience and interaction with customer support staff.
  • Demo trading feature- it is very considerate that the developers have added the demo trading feature on the Bitcoin Trader. We tried the demo trade, and it was a fantastic experience, it gives you a clear idea of how trading is done on the platform before you start using real money for trading.
  • Fast processing- Automated cryptocurrency trading requires fast processing because of the rapid changes in the market. Once an opportunity arises, the system must take advantage and help users earn more. We are satisfied with the processing time on Bitcoin Trader. From our assessment, the processing time is about 0.1 seconds faster than other trading platforms.

How much money can be made with Bitcoin Trader?

Honestly, all traders on the platform can make much money every day. It is that profitable, and we are happy the system passes our tests for reliability and integrity. However, the risks in the cryptocurrency market must be considered when making an investment. It is best to start with the minimum deposit and set proper limits as a new trader. Over time and with experience, you can deposit more funds to increase your earnings. We have compiled essential tips to help all users earn more on Bitcoin Trader;

  1. Invest wisely- We started with the minimum deposit for our assessment project. The minimum deposit on Bitcoin Trader is $250. Thankfully, we earned a profit on this deposit. We have retained our account for more trading. So it is essential that you start small and grow your investment.
  2. Withdraw earnings- It is a great idea to withdraw your earnings. The capital, initial investment, can be left in the system for more trading, as we will do, with this approach, the earnings can be saved and used for other things while the initial capital keeps making a profit.
  3.  Keep learning about cryptocurrency trading- there is so much information on the internet for free. You can get the latest information and strategies to increase your earnings. For example, getting more information about matching currencies will help you make better decisions and more profit.
  4.  Don’t invest all your savings at once- considering the risks in cryptocurrency trading due to the volatile nature of the market; it is best if you invest only your disposable income. This approach will help lower the risks without stopping your earning capacity.
The best choice ☑ Bitcoin Trader is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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Rumors about Bitcoin Trader featured on TV Shows

We have seen some remarks and information online claiming the Bitcoin Trader has been featured in some top TV shows. This information lacked vital details to ascertain if it is true. So we decided to investigate and publish our findings in this review.

Dragon’s Den

Dragons Den is a popular TV show about investment and aspiring entrepreneurs looking for wealthy investors. It is the type of show that can be affiliated with the Bitcoin Trader, but we did not get any confirmation that such affiliation has happened. One of the hosts on the show, Naomi Simpson has called for all reports linking the TV show with automated trading platforms to be reported as false. So disregard any claims you see online.

Shark Tank

Another TV show Shark Tank, similar to the Dragons Den, has also been linked with Bitcoin Trader. However, this is the work of lazy marketers who are trying to convince the public to buy their cryptocurrency trading software because similar systems are endorsed by popular TV shows. Our findings also revealed that Bitcoin Trader is not affiliated with the Shark Tank in any way, at least not yet.

Have any celebrities endorsed the Bitcoin Trader?

The best way to drive traffic to a website is by convincing a celebrity to endorse the brand. It works like magic, so we are not surprised many false claims are online about celebrity endorsements of the Bitcoin Trader. We checked the sources and followed up each claim in the following cases;

Peter Jones

Peter Jones is one of the sponsors of the TV show Dragons Den. His name has been linked to the Bitcoin Trader, with claims that he has 20% shares in the company. We checked this information and found out it is not true. While many investors will jump at the opportunity to own shares in the Bitcoin Trader brand, Peter Jones has not secured any of such deals.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is known as a savvy entrepreneur with many achievements. We are not surprised that Elon Musk is one of the targets of fake news carriers claiming he has stakes in the Bitcoin Trader. However, he has dispelled all rumors affirming that he has no investment interests in Bitcoin Trader according to an official report.

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is rich and a celebrity chef. With all his investments and endorsements, we know Gordon has enough funds to invest in start-ups and other companies. His name has been linked to the Bitcoin Trader as one of the stakeholders. We checked this information, and again, it turned out to be false, the work of people trying to capture a part of the celebrities’ huge fan base to invest in their trading software.

Bitcoin Trader has been used for many of these fraudulent claims because it is one of the best trading platforms now and has many active users. However, these claims are being flagged as fraudulent by the company to inform its users and potential account holders to avoid any misconception about its stakeholders or investors.

After our extensive checks, tests, and personal experiences using the different features of the Bitcoin Trader, we can affirm the platform is authentic, and all users stand to gain remarkable profit by leveraging the automated trading features.

Does Bitcoin Trader have a mobile app?

Since we could not find a mobile app for Bitcoin Trader on the two most popular app stores for iOS and Android devices, we can say there is no mobile app for the Bitcoin Trader at the moment. Trading can only be done with a computer or other mobile devices, via the website. To get started, every user will need to create an account and make the deposit on the secure website.

Our Conclusion

We had a productive time learning about the Bitcoin Trader and its different features. We also enjoyed trying the features to know if they really work. The outcome of this assessment leads us to confirm that the Bitcoin Trader is 100% legit and can help new and experienced traders significantly increase their earnings from cryptocurrency trading. You can trust Bitcoin Trader. Our experience using the live trading feature indicates that users can earn between $200 and $1,000 every week. The system is designed with user-friendly features that everyone can use without having expert knowledge. We recommend all users to start with the lowest possible deposit $250, earn and reinvest the capital, in a short time, the money will add up to a significant amount as earnings.

The best choice ☑ Bitcoin Trader is NOT a scam
☑ High Profit Ratio
☑ Easy & Fast Withdrawals
☑ Works also via App
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  • What is the Bitcoin Trader?

Bitcoin Trader is an automated cryptocurrency trading platform managed by robots enhanced with artificial intelligence to perform high yielding trades on behalf of the user.

  • How much can be earned by using Bitcoin Trader daily?

Averagely, traders can earn between $200 and $1,000 every day using the Bitcoin Trader. Many traders start with the minimum deposit of $250 and later increase deposits after earning more money.

  • What is the function of a crypto robot?

A crypto robot is part of the automated trading system; they function with high-level artificial intelligence to identify the best prices for Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrency. The speculations generated by crypto robots help traders buy cryptocurrencies at a low rate and sell higher to make a profit when the market price appreciates.

  • What is the highest value in earnings a trader has made using the Bitcoin Trader?

The earning potential of every user on the Bitcoin Trader platform is limitless. So far, we have recorded traders who made their first million in about sixty days.

  • Are funds deposited by traders secure?

Yes, the owners of the Bitcoin Trader have ensured that all funds deposited are secure. However, the known risks associated with the cryptocurrency market apply when live trades are done on the platform.

  • How much is required to create an account and start trading?

It is free to create an account on Bitcoin Trader. There are also no hidden fees or charges. The developers have ensured the system is transparent and all funds available in your account can be withdrawn when needed.

  • Is it necessary to have a wallet for cryptos to start trading on Bitcoin Trader?

No, a wallet is not needed to store cryptos because all Bitcoin values are converted to cash in your local currency at the time of withdrawal.

  • What other Bitcoin trading platforms exist in the market?

While we encourage everyone to leverage the fantastic features of the Bitcoin Trader, alternatives such as the Bitcoin Code exist.

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