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Amazon CEO: Crypto Will Become Bigger, NFTs Will Grow ‘Very Significantly’

CNBC interviewed Andy Jassy, Amazon CEO, Thursday about cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In July 2017, Jeff Bezos was replaced by Jassy as Amazon’s president and CEO. Since 2003, he was the leader of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The CEO of Amazon stated that he is not likely to accept cryptocurrency as a payment method for products purchased on the platform. He did note:

I believe that crypto will grow over time.

The Amazon executive commented on whether he owned any cryptocurrency.

Jassy answered the question “I think it’s possible down-the-road on the platform.” The Amazon boss stated that while he doesn’t own any NFTs, he believes it is possible.

NFTs are expected to continue to rise in importance.

The e-commerce giant has been looking for crypto experts to work in various areas of its business. AWS published a job posting in November for a principal Digital Asset Specialist to ‘help drive adoption throughout the global digital asset community.

Amazon also advertised a job opportunity for a blockchain and digital currency expert in its Payment Acceptance & Customers Experience team in June 2013. The aim was to develop the company’s blockchain strategy and digital currency, as well as a product roadmap.

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