Bitcoin Halving 2020 Impact|Explained

In about 11 days, bitcoin is about to go through possibly the biggest fundamental event that we have in our ecosystem today. The Bitcoin block reward halving of 2020, where the amount of bitcoins that are mined into existence are cut in half because as you know there will only ever be 21 million Bitcoin ever.

So Bitcoin has a fixed supply and that fixed supply is deflationary, meaning Bitcoin the first asset ever in human history has a predictable monetary supply. So in about 11 days for the third time ever, once in 2012 once in 2016 and again coming up in 2020.

The supply faucet, the block reward, the amount of Bitcoin coming into existence every block which is about every 10 minutes will be cut in half, massive supply shock. The block reward is which is now 12.5 coins per block 10 minutes will decrease in half to 6.25 coins per block.

Now it should be noted that the last Bitcoin will not be mined into the year 2140 so we will long be dead Bitcoin will continue to have these halving, soar over the next hundred years. Really showing how much of an in fancy we are right now in bitcoins lifespan. So the 2020 Bitcoin halving by all accounts is a huge event and just another way to think about this.

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What’s going to happen in 11 days?

Today around 1800 new bitcoins are minted into existence each day worth around 11 million dollars and most of those 1800 bitcoins that are minted daily are dumped daily. The miners are constantly dumping Bitcoin but this does mean that it takes about eleven million dollars daily coming into the ecosystem. People buying Bitcoin for the price just to stay the same but in about 11 days the next halving, this will drop down to just about 900 BTC a day. That’s huge, that’s a massive supply shock to the ecosystem and even if the demand of Bitcoin just stays the same because we’ve been seeing healthy increasing growth demand in Bitcoin over the last month. If the demand stays the same and the supply faucet gets cut in half, what that means for the price of Bitcoin and what that means for you.

Some Realistic Perspective

I want to give you some realistic perspective. Bloomberg Business week published a article with title “Get set for Bitcoin halving here’s what that means”, articles like this which we are seeing from traditional finance more and more means that the FOMO is clearly on articles like this add to it and while this educates a lot of people on what bitcoin is.

A lot of people from this massive blast out of awareness expect a price pump like I said looking at the last month of Bitcoin, we’ve been seeing a pretty steady healthy price pump. Now despite this my expectation on what the price that Bitcoin will do the day of the halving and this should be your expectation too – just looking at history the price of Bitcoin will probably do nothing or possibly even dump if we look at the first halving the price of Bitcoin really did nothing.

Bitcoin Halving chart


If we look at the second having in 2016 the price of having did something before it before the event and then dumped that day into the weeks after. And if we’re being realistic, it wasn’t until 360 days after or even 525 days after, and the months leading up to it. Obviously, that Bitcoin saw new all-time highs while nothing, while people said it was a failure day of the Bitcoin halving. The supposed supply shock, the effects price-wise don’t happen until after. This is what the common retail investor does not know yet this is what most other crypto expert won’t tell you that day of expect. Possibly a buy the rumor, sell the news.

After the 2017-2018 bear market we saw a little first accumulation. We saw a little expansion right now we are on our second accumulation expectation wise for me, and I’m not a financial adviser.  Do your own research but we are about to enter the next official bull market obviously six to twelve months after the third halving and as a Bitcoin holder these are the fundamental macro big picture events that you should be able to articulate a friend to a family member.

Impact of Traditional Markets

Now taking into account all sides, looking at all factors for Bitcoin, the only thing that I could see that might be a little bit of a speed bump in bitcoins inevitable rise is, what traditional markets do and we have been seeing despite a record unemployment, record infected, record fatalities unfortunately, because of the trillions of dollars the global economy is printing. The US is printing, traditional markets are turning around. We are seeing right now that the curve is starting to flatten now. The USA has said that we’re going to slowly start opening up the country again which is good economically. The only thing that I can see that could potentially slow the party or end the party is, if we open, things back up and maybe this spikes, back up again like we’ve seen before.

So in about 11 days this will be huge awareness, a huge reminder, the third time in history that this has ever happened. Bitcoin has a predictable monetary supply unlike gold, unlike any other asset in history, it is a harder form of money than gold and yet despite Gold’s market cap being trillions and trillions dollars more than bitcoins.  Today bitcoins inflation rate is about to be lower than gold for the first time ever right here that speaks volumes fundamentally.

What is Ethereum and How it Works?Total Review


Today we are going to talk about Ethereum. Many people associate Ethereum with Bitcoin and some people use the words Ethereum, Bitcoin and blockchain interchangeably by the end of this article you will know the key differences between Ethereum and Bitcoin and their relationship with the blockchain technology, specifically we will discuss what Ethereum is, what Ether is, how they work and what the future holds for this blockchain project.

I’ve divided this guide about Ethereum into seven chapters to make it simple and easy to follow

Chapter 1

What is a Ethereum?

Vitalik butyrin is a Russian Canadian programmer and cryptocurrency researcher who came up with the idea for Ethereum in 2013 which finally went live in 2015. The most plain and simple explanation of Ethereum can be broken down into two words: Software Platform.

What makes a Ethereum different from other software platforms?

It’s a blockchain based software platform.

What is blockchain?

The most plain and simple explanation of blockchain is that it is records of data stored on networks of computers and there are three pillars of blockchain that make it unique.


Transparency and


Let’s break down these three pillars.

  1. Decentralization

The word decentralization with regard to blockchain is two fold

one it means the data is recorded and stored on multiple devices in multiple locations around the world as opposed to one central place and

two decentralization also means that no one person, company, government authority or entity controls the data record and storage process.

So instead of traditional centralized entities like the IRS, JP Morgan or MIT, recording story, managing and controlling their data by following their own protocols, deciding which servers to use, where the servers are located and using their own proprietary software and security systems to protect their data.

Blockchain allows for decentralized record-keeping where data is recorded stored and managed on a network of computers with open source software around the world. Any changes to the blockchain protocol go through a consensus process that no one person or entity has control over. so that is the essence of the decentralization.

  1. Transparency

The word transparency with regard to blockchain relates to the way in which transactions are recorded on a ledger, that is available for everyone to see and that is saved on a network of computers around the world making the data impossible to change or alter.

The best way to see the value of transparency and data recording storage and management is by comparing these two scenarios.

Currently common citizens of the United States are not privy to where and how every single tax dollar is spent by the United States government. We just have to take the government’s word for it and even if the government had to show their records it would be very easy for them to create Forge or manipulate any data they chose to share with us, since they control their own data.

You can see how that scenario is not transparent and not exactly trustworthy.

So let’s imagine if everyone in the United States had the ability to see alive running ledger of where every single tax dollar was spent by the United States government at any moment in time. Basically all US citizens could see a full disclosure of how our government is managing our money and in this scenario there is more trust and transparency. The second pillar of blockchain technology.

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  1. Immutability

Immutability simply means that the data recorded and stored on the blockchain cannot be changed forged or altered and this is achieved through cryptography and blockchain hashing processes.

To summarize the three pillars of blockchain technology.

Blockchains  recording and storage protocols make it such that once new data is verified, it can’t be modified. It’s distributed across a vast network of computers around the world so it’s hard to destroy and no one person or entity controls the data or network, creating a completely transparent environment.

Now that you’re familiar with some of blockchains important features let’s talk about

The role blockchain plays in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Bitcoin and Ethereum are both use cases of blockchain technology with different purposes.

Bitcoin is simply a digital currency that people can use as a form of payment to send to and from each other or hold as a store of value while

Ethereum is basically a programmable blockchain that people can build software on, to create valuable products and services or just for fun and due to the decentralized properties of blockchain technology, the software people can build on Ethereum are called- Decentralized Apps or DAPPS for short. The nature and potential of these decentralized applications or DAPPS has inspired the idea and desire for a crusade towards decentralized finance or DeFi for short.

The DeFi movement aims to transform the current financial system into a more transparent and trustworthy system like I described in the scenario we discussed in the transparency blockchain pillar segment.

So how is Ethereum’s blockchain based software application able to operate, if it’s not owned or controlled by a central entity or authority. The answer to that question leads us to chapter 2

Chapter  2

What is Ether?

Many people commonly use the words Ether and Ethereum interchangeably when they are actually two different things.

Ether is the ethereum blockchains native cryptocurrency. It operates similarly to Bitcoin. It’s a digital currency that can be transferred to people around the world, used as a form of payment or act as a store of value. However ether was created for an entirely different purpose.

Why does Ether exist?

If Bitcoin is digital gold ether could be described as digital oil. Ether was designed with the intention of fuelling the ethereum Network. Going back to the decentralized pillar of blockchain technology we discussed how open source software is distributed across a vast network of computers around the world to incentivize people to host in main.

The data on the block chain ether was created as a form of payment to fuel the etherium network so anyone who wants to build a software application on the Ethereum network has to pay for the computing power and space required using ether. The amount of Ether required for network fees is determined by a built-in pricing system known as GAS. Two other key differences between Bitcoin and Ether is that

Bitcoin has a fixed supply and halving events while ether currently does not. A fixed supply and halving events protect cryptocurrencies from inflation and a cap on the supply of ether may or may not be implemented in the future. We shall see what the future holds now let’s talk about how ethereum network fees are calculated.

Chapter  3

What is GAS?

GAS considers the bandwidth and space requirements as well as the computational difficulty of each transaction to calculate the amount of fees it will take to complete the term. GAS was created to differentiate the cost of performing transactions on the ethereum network from the actual value of the ether currency. So when executing transactions on Ethereum you will see GAS prices denoted in GWEI which stands for Giga way.

Giga wai (which is also referred to as nano ether or just nano) simply represents a fraction of ether to the 9th power. You can think of Giga ways to ether as penny’s to the US dollar similar to how US dollars have Penny’s, Nickels, Dimes and Quarters that represent fractions of one US dollar. Ether has multiple denominations of fractional values, the smallest denomination being WEI . Here’s a chart showing all of the different denominations of ether.

So if we look at one Giga wai of ether it’s depicted as a decimal point followed by 8 zeros and a one in the ninth place(1GWEI=0.000000001) you can see how it would be difficult to determine the amount of ether transactions will cost with all of the decimal places to keep track of instead of the GAS price for a transaction being.

Let’s say 0.000000003Ether, you can simply say 3 Giga wai and since the most common unit of ether reflected in GAS prices is Giga wai, that’s what denomination of ether is used to represent GAS prices. So when initiating a transaction on the Ethereum network you will see what’s called a GAS limit. In this field you can choose to increase or decrease the amount of ether you are willing to spend to complete the transaction. The higher the gas price the faster the transaction will be processed and if there’s not enough ether to complete the transaction you desire, you will receive an insufficient funds for GAS notification or similar.

Currently network processes on ethereum are completed by miners via a proof-of-work protocol which involves performing computational work on computer hardware to complete transactions. and miners which are actually called nodes are simply computers with software installed on them that connects them to the ethereum network. Then using computing power, they process and validate transactions in exchange for ether.

So using the built in GAS system miners or nodes are able to set minimum amounts of gas prices they are willing to accept to process transactions and if you don’t have enough Ether to cover the gas costs then no miners will perform the computational work required to complete the transaction.

Now when you use Ethereum, you will understand the difference between Ether and GAS as well as the reason why GAS prices are denoted in Giga wai and now that we have a basic concept of what Ethereum is and the roles Ether and GAS play in the network. Let’s get into more detail about how the Ethereum software platform works.

Chapter  4

How the Ethereum network works?

Let’s break down the Ethereum network into three simple layers so that we can understand how it works in a nutshell conceptually. Imagine the base layer of Ethereum consists of a vast network of computers called nodes. These Nodes are connected to the internet with software installed on them that runs the Etherium blockchain and this base layer of nodes is where transaction data is processed, validated, broadcasted and stored and as these Nodes perform the computational work required to process transaction data, they are rewarded with ether dictated by the GAS prices we discussed earlier.

These rewards incentivized nodes to maintain the Ethereum network by processing transaction data. Transaction data can contain value in the form of Ether and information in the form of Code. These codes can transmit data and trigger actions in the next layer of the Ethereum network. So imagine another layer on top of the Base Hardware Layer as a Software Layer. This software layer supports a programming language library that consists of languages like solidity, viper, bamboo and more. Using these computer languages developers can write, what are called smart contracts.

The term smart contract was actually coined back in 1998 by an American computer scientist named Nick Szabo who invented the digital currency bit gold ten years before Bitcoin was created. Szabo’s idea was to basically use computer code to execute terms of sophisticated contracts in the buying and selling of securities like options and futures, so smart contracts are just lines of code that dictate the terms of a contract and control the execution of the contract and with the nature of Ethereums Hardware layer and its blockchain based software. This creates the perfect trust worthy digital environment for building and executing smart contracts. Read more about auto trading app here

Smart contracts have the unique ability to authorize transactions and carry out terms of contracts within a trusted environment which eliminates the need for a central authority like a government bank or a legal system, so smart contracts make transactions Trackable, Transparent and Awesome. so we have the hardware layer in the software layer of Ethereum which combined basically creates a global decentralized supercomputer known as the Etherium Virtual Machine or EVM.

In computing virtual machines or VMS are simulations of computer networks that can be used for many different cases. In the case of the ethereum virtual machine or EVM a very basic and general idea of its role in the ecosystem is to improve the flexibility of the software and ensure separation of each software hosts in each software application. Software applications bring us to the final layer of Ethereum.

The application layer is where developers can build and launch third party decentralized applications or apps for short. These applications are decentralized because they operate on ethereum decentralized blockchain based platform. Popular examples of DAPS that have been created are crypto kitties which is a game and Augur which is a prediction market platform. At the time of this publication a total of 2772 DAPS have been launched on the Ethereum network, of which around 1500 are live. There are several different DAPPS categories including Games, Exchanges, Identity, Health, Property and much more. At the time of this publication the categories with the most transactions are games and exchanges while the categories with the most active users are finance and exchanges if you want to check out all of the current apps out there you can go to and filter by the ethereum platform. Now another popular element of the ethereum ecosystem and apps brings us to the next chapter.

Chapter 5  

What are ERC-20 Tokens?

Before we talk about ERC 20, let’s talk about what ERC means.

ERC is simply an acronym that stands for Ethereum Requests for Comments and it is similar to BIP which stands for Bitcoin Improvement Proposal. Since Ethereum and Bitcoin are blockchain based technologies, there is no one person or entity in charge of deciding, what new features to add, changes to make or fixes to implement to the protocols.

ERC is a process that was created as a way for people to contribute information about Ethereum or introduced features to the Ethereum Network. ERC’s or Ethereum requests for comments are basically how developers can propose improvements to the network so the number 20 of ERC 20 represents the unique ID number of that particular proposal so let’s talk about what ERC 20 is all about.

The ERC 20 is a token standard which is simply a list of rules that any tokens issued on the Ethereum block chain must follow.

What are tokens in the context of Ethereum?

Tokens are types of cryptocurrencies with different functions that represent an asset or are intended for specific use that operate on the Ethereum Blockchain, so the Ethereum ecosystem allows for the creation, deployment and circulation of virtual currencies or tokens.

ERC 20 proposed the implementation of rules and regulations developers must follow on creating tokens to issue on the Ethereum network. These rules can dictate how the tokens can be transferred transaction approval methods user access to the tokens in the total supply or number of tokens available, so ERC 20 basically ensures compatibility of new tokens issued on the etherium network.

Tokens that currently run on the Ethereum blockchain are referred to as GRC 20 tokens. Currently over 242,000 different tokens have been issued on the Ethereum network. Some of them are popular ERC 20 tokens include Tether, ChainLink, Vchain, and BAT. Each token has a different function or utility for example tether is a Token that is tethered to the US dollar in that it maintains the same value as the US dollar. This makes the token price stable staying at $1 per tether which is why tokens with this function are called stable coins.

Stable coins were designed to bridge the gap between fiat currencies and crypto currencies by allowing people with the token to hold an amount of cryptocurrency with a stable value. For example when you look at a crypto currency exchange you can see how Bitcoin and Ethereum prices are constantly in flux. One minute Bitcoin can be worth 10,300 and the next it can be worth 9600 with Tether, you can hold $10,000 of the token and minutes a minute and day by day, the value will remain unchanged which gives the token a lot of utility. An example of another token with different utility is BAT.

BAT stands for basic attention coin and it was created to be used as the currency for a web browsing DAPP called brave. BAT was designed as a form of payment to be traded between users, advertisers and publishers in exchange for user’s attention to advertisements and content creation. Another popular utility of tokens has been to raise capital to finance cryptocurrency projects which brings us to our next chapter

Chapter 6

What are ICO?

ICO stands for initial coin offering which operates similarly to an IPO or initial public offering. An initial public offering refers to when a privately held company decides to offer shares of their company to the public in the form of stock, on the stock market.

An initial coin offering is the cryptocurrency world’s application of this process by issuing tokens that are similar to stocks that sometimes depending on the utility of the token, have a function within the product or the service. ICO are used to raise capital through crowd funding in order to build a product or service typically a start up company wants to bring to market.

In fact Ethereum raised 18 million dollars worth of funds in only 42 days from conducting an ICO back in 2014 at that time ether was worth about 30 cents per ether. Now at the time of this publication ether is worth around 270 dollars so while ICO can be a great way for companies looking to build and offer blockchain based products and services to secure funding.

Investing in ICO is extremely risky since there is no regulation of the ICO process. Many investors risk losing any funds, they allocate towards ICO due to fraudulent projects, scams, legitimate projects being shut down for one reason or another or legitimate projects failing many times. An ICO raises, so much capital that the team loses any incentive to go through with the project and instead decides to take the money and abandon the project altogether. For that reason I do not highly recommend investing in ICO’s until more regulations have been implemented, that protect investors interests. Now  that we are familiar with the ICO process GRC 20 tokens and how the ethereum ecosystem works conceptually, let’s take a look at what the future holds for this blockchain project.

Chapter 7

Ethereum 2.0

Later this year Ethereum will start to undergo a major Network update. It has been nicknamed the Ethereum 2.0, ETH and Serenity.

Ethereum 2.0 is the final iteration of the ethereum networks evolution and is set to launch later this year in 2020, which will coincidentally be a few months after the Bitcoin halving event. If everything stays on schedule this update will involve switching from miners processing transactions through proof of work protocols to validators processing transactions through what is called proof of State in addition. The update will feature sharding a new virtual machine and much much more. One of the main goals of this update is to improve the etherium networks efficiency and ability to scale.

Ethereum 2.0 will allow the platform to handle the growing demand for DAPPs and the DeFi movement at large. There are many phases to this massive upgrade so if everything stays on schedule it will be a few years until the upgrade is 100% implemented and complete. We will breakdown the phases of the Ethereum 2.0 upgrade and get into more of the conceptual and technical details in another article.

What are Cryptocurrency Trading Bots?

cryto coin trading with bots

In this article we’re going to take a look at Crypto Currency Trading Bots, What they are, the associated Pros and Cons, What’s available on the market, How you should be using them and whether or not you should be using one. I’m going to make the assumption that at least most of you reading this article have already attempted some form of day trading and those of you that are new to this base are probably contemplating giving it a go and who can blame you, there is such a huge potential for profits out there. Even in a sideways market there is profit to be had.

Crypto Trading Bots Overview

We all know the cryptocurrency market is global, it’s 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It just does not quit and there is absolutely nothing worse than going to bed sleeping soundly all night. When you wake up and find that there’s been a massive move or a flash crash in the middle of the night. You have missed out on a huge opportunity to make some serious money. This is the reason that most people look at cryptocurrency trading BOTS. Now before we get into crypto currency trading BOTS, there are a few other ways to approach day trading and make the most of it without missing opportunities.

You could set alarms on your favorite portfolio tracker for a price, if hit your target and the alarm goes off and you can wake up at 2:00 in the morning or bleary-eyed to execute. The trade could convert your funds back into your main trading pair whether that’s Bitcoin, a Etherium or USD and just wait it out for another opportunity to present yourself and let’s face it.

Opportunities in Crypto Trading with Bots opportunity in trading market


This is the cryptocurrency market, there are plenty of opportunities out there, it’s not such a big deal if you miss one. You can leave your funds on the exchange and set your buy and sell orders and hope them to be triggered overnight and when you wake up in the morning, you can have your fingers crossed that all your money is still there and the exchange hasn’t been hacked and you’ve lost all your funds. Exchanges are regularly being targeted by hackers and it is just not safe to keep your funds on an exchange so I do not recommend this to anyone.

Finally stop day trading, just do your research find a company or a start-up, you believe in that, you believe in the tech, you believe in the team, invest the amount that you decided you want to invest in this company and leave it alone, just wait, play the long game after you’ve read all those options we can start to think about trading Bots.

what a trading bot is

crypto trading bot

So those of you that have never heard of what a trading bot is. In simple words trading bot is a computer program which do trades on your behalf on given set of instructions. You would connect this trading bot to your exchange through an API. This basically gives the computer program permission to act on your behalf whilst you are not logged in. It sounds scary, because you have given over access to your account but what happens if this code is compromised in the program.

You can tell in exchange what actions it will allow the API right to undertake, so you can allow buy and sell orders but disable withdrawal actions you can also limit an IP address, only allowed access if it comes from your own personal IP. Now there are issues that you may run into with this but that’s not important right now, anyhow back to the program. The program will read an exchange and when it’s set, parameters are triggered by the information it receives from the exchange. It will execute the trade automatically whilst you are asleep or away from the computer.

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Bitcoin Trading Bots Pros & Cons

Pros And Cons

Trading Bots Pros

So let’s talk pros and cons and it’s always nice to start with the good stuff so we’ll start with the pros you can now trade 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year without interruption which is absolutely amazing. There’s no emotion involved so there’s no FOMO, there’s no panic selling, there’s no revenge trading on a bad trade.

The parameters are met for it, to execute a trade that is exactly what it does. We have the ability to back test trading strategy this means that we can take our trading strategy and compare it to the historical data within the market to see how it would do. This gives us a level of security, without it we just would be running blind.

Plan your strategy

We can now test our strategy in bear cycles at bull markets and sideways markets so that we now know which strategy to implement given a current trend in the market. We don’t need big expensive four screen PC setups and although kicking out your desktop with four screens or fill to the bursting with different charts of different kinds on different exchanges does look badass and sure as hell, it may impress family and friends, it’s just unnecessary.

A trading bot can access and simultaneously carry out of trades across multiple trading pairs on different exchanges and all of this from a single Windows desktop or Apple Mac or a laptop in the comfort of your own home now. You can be forgiven for thinking okay this is a money-printing machine, let’s get the ball rolling and just watch that money pour in.

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Trading Bots Cons

There are cons associated. This is not just a set and forget way of trading you probably guess the first one. it’s scams, they are everywhere, it’s really hard to find a legitimate project as everybody is out there trying to get your money for absolutely nothing, even if even some of the legitimate ones are just so poorly coded that they have no hope in hell of actually making you a single profitable trade.

I know this from experience, unfortunately now there are things that you should be looking out for because more often than not if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is and businesses and companies that are promising you guaranteed high profits for very low one-off pricing, the chances are these are scams and you are never gonna see your money again.

Learn from others experience

Have a look at other people’s experiences as well hit forums like Bitcoin talk or reddit and discuss with other users, where the fallings are or whether they’ve had success and do your own due diligence.You should also look for free trial offers because developers that know the code in their program is shoddy. They do not want to give it away for free and allow you to trade with it and learn.

Hardware issues

to think of, if you are running on a desktop at home, you’ve got power outages, to contend with, you know the wear and tear of a desktop they do just give up and die. You have internet outages and various other things that could all prevent you from trading. We also have to be careful with back testing and although I touted it as a pro there is a negative side to it as well because we are looking at historical markets.

Experiencing the market

It’s very easy to be able to over complicate a trading strategy so that you end up with 100% gains and absolutely no bad trades whatsoever and when you take it live, you find it absolutely shocking. You will learn this with experience. If you’re tweaking it to a historical market that’s just not going to repeat in that same order again. It’s very unlikely it’s going to work the same way. Don’t be chasing 100% or 200% gains with zero losses you know you are going to execute bad trades even with the trading bot.

Look at a long period of time, this strategy is  profitable over an extended period of time and of course it doesn’t need to be monitored it’s not like you can just set this thing running leave it on and comeback in a few months and just collect your gains that is not how it works.

Understanding Market Behavior Pattern & Risk

market trading chart

The market is cyclical, it changes all the time. Trends come and go very quickly and your trading strategies need to react as well. Computer programs are infallible they contain books. They know software has to be updated because there’s faulty code in it. Your internet connection could have a high ping on it therefore the information has been sent backwards and forwards. It’s delayed, which means you’re executing slow trades and one bad trade could snowball into a whole series of losing trades and wipe out your entire portfolio for trading. We have to remember that markets are cyclical, bear markets, sideways markets, bull markets, they will repeat although that you know the candles will be different, the cycles are the same. We should implement different strategies for different markets so keep that in mind when back testing.

Diversify your Fund to Manage Risk

Moreover you know going forward into the live trading that can change and you will need to react accordingly and of course there is the biggie if you are operating a trading bot. It means that your funds have to stay on an exchange for the Bot to be able to access them. I don’t recommend leaving any funds on an exchange and this is one of the big drawbacks for the trading bot. You do have to leave them there, if you diversify the amount across multiple exchanges so you have small amount scattered over several exchanges.

This is sort of a way of managing your risk because if one of the exchanges gets hacked, you’re only losing a small portion of what you’ve allocated for training. It’s also very important to remember, if you are successful in your trading and you start to accumulate some money, you need to take it off the exchange, store it in a cold wallet and leave it.


It’s very tempting to start leaving your profit on the exchange so that you’re then trading with higher amounts and chasing that bigger and video game but sooner or later you will get burned and you will lose that and you will only have yourself to blame if you haven’t taken your profits so please take profits on a regular basis okay so what options are on the market now there’s absolutely tons out there I’m just going to name three of the most popular. There are a lot more legitimate projects out there.

What are the Simple ways to gain Free Bitcoin?


People want to buy Bitcoin for but as the price of Bitcoin is high, not everyone can do this But the good thing is that you can earn Bitcoins for free online. Here we will discuss few ways to earn Free Bitcoin.

Getting Bitcoin from Crypto Interest Account

Think of the Money which is lying in your Bank and you get interest on your Deposits. Here also you get Interest on your Bitcoin from the Financial Service Provider.

There are many companies in this sector. You have to send your Bitcoin to your Wallet Service Provider websites and  doing so can earn you Interest .You can earn up to 6% Compound Interest on your Bitcoin Holdings. This makes the offer attractive as with Banks we can’t get such good returns as now a days Interest rate on Bank deposits are going down.

Shop Online and Get Bitcoin as Cash-back

You can install Ebates extension on Google Chrome. They offer Cash-back on your Shopping with thousands of partner websites. When you Browse the website for purchases Ebates will notify you about the offer and discount available with the retailer websites. You can activate the offer by just clicking it. It is so simple .You will paid the cashback amount after the end of each Quarter

One more company Lolli is offering the Cash-back in Bitcoin . When you make purchases on the websites like Macys, CVS or Sephora and many more partner websites, you are offered cash-back ,some of the websites offer up 9% cashback and some of them gives you set amount of Bitcoin as cashback which can be transferred or withdrawn from the account. You can request for Bitcoin in your wallet once your balance reaches $15 and Lolli will send you your free Bitcoin. Earn Bitcoin for free in easy way. They will pay you even more free Bitcoin if you refer your friends

You can also earn Bitcoin in Cash-back with Pei App.

This App offers cash-back in US$,Gift Vouchers or Bitcoin. Only you have connect your Bank Account and bank cards with your Pei account securely via plaid and now when you shop with Pei Stores Partners community which have hundreds of retailers in their community including 7 Eleven and many more top brands,you get paid cashback directly in bank accounts. When you make purchases with your account linked to Pei from the partner shops, you are rewarded cash-back in the form of Pei points, which can be exchanged to Bitcoin.

Earn Bitcoin from Crypto Mining

Crypto mining is just another way for making bitcoin online. But what exactly is crypto minning? Miners are the most essential part of this blockchain. With a use of Hi-tech Machines and Hardware, they solve complex calculations to validate the trade within the blockchain. Miners check the validity of every trade by putting it into complex cryptographic puzzle and giving it to miners to confirm and also come to consensus, on each trade which strikes the blockchain. For this miners are rewarded in the kind of crypto.

Earn Bitcoin by joining an Affiliate Program.

If you have long list of friends and followers following you in social media, you can recommend your buddies and followers to conduct business with companies which rewards you for recommending new clients.when they click on the link recommended by you and do the purchase from the company, you are paid commission for each referral which vary’s from company to company. This is one of the easiest way to earn Bitcoin.

Movierulz Setup Guide

Movierulz World of Latest HD Movies: Download Site for Hindi, English Tamil Movies

The website Movierulz uploads the pirated versions of Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, English, Malayalam and other language and have once leaked a high-octane crime thriller film in past

Indian cinema is known for its genre known as Bollywood. The Bollywood movies are the ones that are popular in most of the different countries around the world. The movies that are made by Bollywood are popular for their exciting plot lines and energetic performances of the actors.

Speciality of Bollywood movies is also evident in the collection of music by which they were made. These songs are catchy and mesmerizing that makes the viewers to be enthralled with the movie


About movierulz.plz

They offer streaming services, like tv shows, games, videos, music and many more at one place. It does not matter where you are located, if you have a connection then you can enjoy your favorite videos In this article, We will explain you about Movierulz, Movierulz plz or Movierulz. ms & how you can download HD Tamil, English or Hindi movies from Movierulz ms.


You need to know that Tamil Rokers,Filmywap, Filmyzila,Movierulz plz, Movierulz ms & Movierulz ht all are prohibited sites, means you are not allowed legally to use such websites, in other words these are illegal sites, as they publish the content without the consent of its original owner, watching film piracy is strictly an offense and even punishable according to the Indian law.

Why do people download movies from the pirated websites?

Most of us know how hard and expensive is now to watch stream or download films and TV shows online and Movirulz provided it for free. This made Movierulz extremely popular, Earlier Movierulz site started with Tamil and Telugu films downloading, free of charge but now it’s started offering all of the Hollywood, Bollywood or even Malayalam films also, in all formats. If you are among those who want to watch your favorite movies without paying money then you can try looking for software on the internet. Today, there are thousands of programs available for free, which allow you to watch your movies online. They let you watch movies that are free.You can choose any video you want to watch or add videos from your computer and watch them anywhere and anytime you want. For those who do not want to pay any money just for watching their favourite movies, then it is good to know that there are some websites offering movies for free.Whether you’re looking for movies or television shows, finding streaming video is totally feasible. It just requires you to know where to look

How To Download All The Latest Movies From Movierulz ms or Movierulz ht?

The method of downloading is different on many websites. So here we will know how to download new Telugu, Bollywood, Tollywood and Hollywood movies on a website like MovieRulz.pz. As this is a pirated website, that is why the government has already banned it many times. But as this site is very popular and have numerous users, these people change their domain name again and again and bring their site back to the Internet. It does not take much time to do this at all. The name of the website remains the same, but the extension changes. You will get all the Movierulz new links given below-

Main Domain name Other Extensions which keeps on changing
 Movierulz .com .fm .me .ml .ccv .hp .plz
.in .cc .fu .cl .nl .vpn .ms
.pro .vip .us .cf .plc .nn

For downloading follow these steps

first, you have to go to their official website ( Like when you click that link, then you will directly get the website that works now. Here you will find movie formats of 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p.Now you can download as you do on another website, it is exactly the same here. You will get all this Linux under all movie posts. You can download them from there.You can also download 300mb dual audio English movies from MovieRulz. You will not have any problem with the language later. At the same time, you can also enjoy other language movies.

In order to unblock any torrent or piracy website, you will have to use VPN software or other country proxies. There are a lot of tutorials available on the internet to install VPN on pc and android.

Is or movierulz2 available on App

This site doesn’t have any official app in play store for downloading movies, like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Mx-player, etc.. Additionally, the Web Site consists of distinct proxy websites where we could get movies, so if you want to install or download the app, you will have to download it from any third party software.

Information for Movierulz2 Apk

App Name Movierulz2
Version v3.0
File Size 1.4 MB
Requirement Android 4.0 and above
Languages English
License Free

Movierulz App Features.

  • You can download for offline watching. Using Movierulz2 app,
  • Previous bugs has been fixed in the the latest version of the app making it smoother.
  • Help a user to stream the videos at the very fast speed as The Movierulz ms App features some super fast servers
  • Simple user interface ensures that users don’t find it complicated
  • The Movierulz plz or Movierulz ms apk size is  not large and it doesn’t consume a lot of your Smartphone ROM and it works on
  • almost every Android device.

How Safe or Legal is movierulz.plz

What if it was legal for you to download movies from illegal websites? That sounds great doesn’t it?all of the favorite movies of your childhood sitting in your computer, ready to be downloaded!But movierulz.plz or as told earlier, are all illegal websites as they publish the content without the consent of its original owner, all are prohibited sites, means you are not allowed legally to use such websites, in other words these are illegal sites, watching film piracy is strictly an offense and even punishable according to the Indian law.It is important to know that you have to be careful with the sites that you are downloading files from because certain software can infiltrate your computer and get it to install it on the computer itself. This can cause some serious problems, so you will need to be careful and protect yourself and your computer.

  Are there any legal alternatives for Movierulz?

If you are among those who want to watch your favorite movies without paying money then you can try looking these legal options available on the internet as well to stream or download movies.

You might have heard some legal websites or OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, MX Players.

Some of the best options to watch  Movies legally, you can say Legal alternate to movierulz are :

  • Hotstar
  • Mx Player
  • Sony Liv
  • Ice movie
  • Yesmovies
  • MovieNinja
  • Moviezwap
  • Movies4U
  • LookMovie
  • FMovies
  • PopCornFlix
  • Sony Crunch
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video

Leaked Movies by Movierulz Ms or Movierulz plz

Movierulz2 or Movierulz ms leaks almost all the latest Hindi, English and Tami movies on their release date. The website is very popular for Tamil, Malayalam or Telugu dubbed movies also it has leaked many regional movies, Movierulz MS has leaked thousands of English or other language movies over a period of times.

The list of movies recently leaked by Movierulz2:

Avengers Endgame
BigilDream Girl
Jawaani Jaaneman
Little Women
Super 30
Nerkonda Paarvai
Super Delux
Adithya Varma

Want to Know How to Install Movierulz Kodi Addon (secure way to watch Latest Movies Free)

Movierulz is a movie addon from Reasons repository. The addon majors on Latest movies from the year 2016 to 2019. Movies are categorized in the sequence of the release year to ease the navigation. Every Indian movies fan,should have this addon on your Kodi. Today, we’ll be guiding you how to Install Movierulz Kodi Addon in no time.

Be Secure and install…

Before you install Movierulz, you should know that this is not an official Kodi addon. As this a third-party Kodi addons, copyright agencies are always on a vigil, since they facilitate access to pirated content .Neither we promote nor we suggest the consumption of such content, we advise you stay safe.
The Best and secure way is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN encrypts your traffic and then securely tunnels it to a server of your choice. VPN connections are super secure. The network is hack proof and all of your Internet activity is encrypted (coded) and unreadable in transit, spoofs your IP address to give you a new online identity
Your true IP address is hidden! You’re unidentifiable online because you’re constantly using a different IP address, never your own. In fact, it typically looks as if you’re in a different part of the world from where you really are. This way, your activities can’t be tracked.

Guide to Install Movierulz Kodi Addon

As Movierulz is a third-party Kodi addon, we need to install it from reasons repository. First of all allow your Kodi to run “apps from unknown sources.” You can do this by going to Addons> Settings> Enable Unknown Sources
Doing so, you can now install the repo and the addon.Now follow these simple steps to install

Adding the Reasons Repo Source

On Kodi home screen, click on the Settings button on the top left side to open the System
• Select File Manager, and then double-click “Add-Source.”
• Type the URL into the window that opens.
• Below that, name it as “Reasons Repo” You can then click “OK.”

Installing Reasons Repository

At the Kodi Home screen, click “Add-ons” from the left side menu.
Open the package installer by clicking the open box icon at the top of the menu bar.package Installer on Kodi
Select “Install from Zip File”Install from zip file on Kodi
Select the repo you just added above. It will be displayed as “Reasons Repo”Select Reasons Repo on Kodi
Select on Kodi
Reasons Repo should now install. Wait for the installation to complete. You will then receive a notification.Wait for the message of Reasons Repository successful installed

Installing Movierulz Kodi Addon

Now, on the same screen, click “Install from the repository ”Installing Movie Rulz Kodi Addon
Select “Reasons Repository”Select seasons repository from the list
Select “Video Add-ons” and then scroll down to Movierulz and click it.Select Movie Rulz from the Addons list on Kodi
You will now get an “Install” option. Hit it.On Movie Rulz screen, hit Install
The Movierulz Kodi Addon will now install. You will get a notification when it’s ready to use.Wait for the message of Movie Rulz successful installed


We hope you must have got an idea about a piracy website Movierulz2 or Movierulz plz. If you still have any queries do let us know in the comment section below.


We do not promote any piracy or torrent websites. You should know how dangerous it can be downloading from these piracy websites such as, Movierulz pe, Movierulz ht, Movierulz Pz,Movierulz ms, Movierulz plz, .

This article is to provide you necessary information about the illegal content downloading . We do not support to use piracy websites. We request readers to stay away from such websites.

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